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Unlock the Power of Niche Edits Service for Skyrocketing Your Traffic

SEO (search engine optimization) is the force behind website performance in the global network. If applied correctly, its strategies help to improve the website’s visibility by increasing the quantity and quality of traffic. 

One of the best and most time-proven methods for creating a website’s visibility is link-building with two major approaches – guest posts and niche editing. While guest posts are well-known by the marketing department, niche edits, with their numerous benefits, are still in the shade. Under proper usage, niche edits can boost the website’s online reputation, and increase traffic and audience exposure. 

As a rule, niche edits are better to be implemented by a niche edits service, as it is less time-consuming and opens up new opportunities for the website more quickly. However, it can also be done personally, following the guide. 

Let’s clarify what the niche edits are, and how they can be used for enriching the website performance. 

What is niche editing?

A niche edit SEO (contextual linking, link insertion, or curated) is a practice of building website authority by linking it to other niche sites, without the need to create content from the scratch (like with guest posting). In layman’s terms, you look for and contact websites with related content and place your links into the already-existing websites. 

For instance, your website is about fitness and all the related topics. In order to have a better reach, you need to contact a high-ranking and trustful website with a health section and link your content to one of the ‘aged’ articles with a good ranking in Google searches. Thus, with a bit of tweaking and blending, for making the anchor look natural, the article will have a new life, and your website will possibly have a better reach. 

What is the difference between niche editing and guest posts?

While serving the same idea, these two approaches are fundamentally different. 

Guest posting is about creating everything from the scratch – writing a relevant blog post for someone’s website. Niche editing, however, cuts the way short, as it involves inserting the link into an already existing piece of writing on someone’s website, with no need to create another article following the style and requirements of the blog owners. 

Both approaches a viable and improve the website reach, however, in the niche edits vs guest post battle, the latter one will be less arduous and costly. Besides, niche edit backlinks are safer, as the core articles are already checked by Google, and have traffic, links, and social signals. 

Are niche edits white-hate SEO?

There are three major types of SEO strategies – white hat SEO, black hat SEO, and gray hat SEO. 

White hat niche edits are ‘positive’ SEO practices that improve website search rankings on the search engine results page. It encompasses the methods that follow the terms established by popular search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo: decent content, proper title, and usage of keywords, quality inbound links, and easy navigation. 

As the rules of the search engines are not violated, the website will not be suspended or penalized for ‘harmful’ content. 

Black hat niche edits – an opposite alternative to ‘good white guys’. This practice was common at the dawn of link building and is generally related to SAPE networks. The techniques being used are paid links, hidden texts, link and content farming, keyword stuffing, and article spinning. Such an approach is not safe and is typically filtered by Google, with further fines.

Gray hat SEO – a combination of SEO ‘good’ and ‘bad’ approaches, as it follows and violates the Google Guidelines at the same time. As a rule, high-quality content is created, but the backlinks are paid for. 

When planning any course of action to take, it is important to follow white hat mode, as it is free from Google penalties.

Provided that the websites are contacted directly, the approach will comply with Google guidelines. However, the intentional placement of niche edits links to manipulate the ratings is strictly forbidden and is subjected to fines. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of niche editing?

  • You are in charge

Unlike guest posts, which aren’t often managed properly, when you buy niche edit backlinks, you get the right to choose the page for link insertion and the article. 

  • No article writing

Niche editing is a simple way of placing your link to an already existing and ranked content, straight after it is approved by the master. There is no need to find a good writer and follow the requirements of the style of the website.

  • All the pages matter

Niche editing lets you get traffic to the pages that are considered to be a challenge for guest posts. Thus, link-building will be available for every part of your website. 

  • Win-win cooperation

The host of the link gets regular updates as well, which improves his overall online activity. 

  • Lower brand influence and awareness

With niche editing, you can tweak the post a bit, to make the link look natural, however, it is still not about you and your brand style. When writing a guest post you get an opportunity to expose your value as a brand to the audience.

  • More time for being noticed

As long as the requested page has already been indexed, it may take time for Google to recrawl a URL. The frequency of the website update depends on the activity of the website and can take up to thirty days. 

How to perform niche editing?

If you are in favor of niche edits, follow the guide to get started

Do the research

The first step to perform is to identify the websites to contact. The main characteristic to look for:

  • Proper niche – the topic of the website you choose should relate to yours;
  • Domain authority – a ranking score by a search engine that measures the success of website performance when it comes to search engine results. You can use the services like MOZ or Ahrefs, or just choose the websites you trust. 
  • Traffic – the chosen websites must have real and high traffic. It can be estimated by the services like Ahrefs and SEMRush. 
  • Niche-edits involvement – the most important thing to get to explore, as highly-reputable websites, don’t advertise the possibility of niche editing cooperation. 

Select the pages or posts

After narrowing down the list of the website, it’s important to identify the pages that are suitable for link insertion. One of the most helpful services is the Google search operator, as it will reveal the pages or posts with the keywords you require. 

Contact the website editor

After defining the websites, look for the contact details on the website and send them the pitch. When sending the e-mail, be short and clear about what you are asking, and avoid being vague. 

Niche editing is an effective SEO strategy that benefits both a host and a linker. Under proper implementation, it will boost your traffic, improve search ranking and build up your domain. You can perform it yourself, choosing the long way, or hire professionals for better and faster results.


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