Venturino what do goldfish dream of?

What S. all the Red Fishes (Marco Venturino)

It tells of the daily life of intensive care, the course of the disease, the doctors and nurses, characters and events are the fruit of imagination but express the thoughts of the patient and the labor of those who care for them in a real way.

What do analysis goldfish dream about?

The reader is faced with choices: illness, healing, death, life, treatment, persistence in therapy, euthanasia. The book is perfect in describing the emotions, anxieties, fears and weariness of the daily routine belonging to a ward such as intensive care.

What do Gaboardi goldfish dream about?

The novel “What goldfish dream about” is about Pierluigi Tunesi, manager of a multinational company, hospitalized in intensive care following a failed surgery to remove a tumor in his right lung, and Luca Gaboardi, anesthetist doctor in charge of the resuscitation where is …

What do Qlibri goldfish dream about?

Fabulous. For those who are in the field it is like reliving daily life, with its difficulties, bitterness, fears, but also with many satisfactions. For those who do the work of the doctor with humanity and take their patients to heart and live with them the disease in all its aspects.

How Do Book Goldfish Talk?

The author, who is an anesthetist, tells the story in a clear and fluent but refined language at the same time, the title “What do goldfish dream”, is original and you understand its meaning in the flow of reading.

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