What Is Known about Domestic Violence?

The most common problem that every household faces is the harrowing pain of domestic violence. It is usually done by one partner in hopes of dominating the other one. Though the most frequent cases are usually male induced, it is not very uncommon to find controlling females as well.

Anyone can be a victim of such abuse, which includes intimidation, frightening, manipulation, and a host of similar traits. If you are in a toxic relationship and want to get out of it, you should be aware of the signs and symptoms of this haunting problem.

What Is It?

It is a form of abuse that involves an unjustifiable pattern of behavior to control or maintain power over the partner. The violence definition varies from hurting, wounding, or terrorizing an intimate partner to getting the upper hand in the relationship. Anyone can be a victim of it, be it a student, mother, or even child.

Therefore, every college and university should add a course on this pressing issue to raise awareness. There are many stories or essay examples on this topic. There are many sites where you can read essay on domestic violence to properly understand the degree of such traumatic abuse. Let’s discuss a few common methods that the abusers usually adopt.


Coercive Control

The whole point of the abuse is to control the partner’s way of living. And that is usually done through coercion without regarding the victim’s feelings. Power and control are the ultimate egotistical goal of the abuser.

Our education system should teach every student about the horrors of this problem so that they can better handle it in the future in their relationship. Controlling someone through coercion is not just antisocial behavior; it is also a punishable crime.

Psychological or Emotional Violence

Emotional blackmailing is one of the common ways abusers try to dominate their partners. This part of the problem includes behaviors like verbal abuse, calling names, or belittling someone. Reading essay on contentious topics like this would help everyone understand the gravity of the crime here.

Psychological abuse is another way that the abuser employs to threaten or intimidate his or her partner. Playing mind games with the fragile emotions of the victim helps them gain power over their significant others. It is also a trick of them to isolate the victim from their family.

Physical or Sexual Abuse

Sexual violence is a common type of issue that the perpetrators use in order to gain sexual favor. It includes toxic behaviors like forcing to undress or perform non-consensual sexual acts. The abuser usually uses force during sex and very often ends up hurting the partner brutally.

Another form of the brutal act is the physical abuse that the manipulators like to use against their partners. Starting from property damage to direct physical hit on the lovers’ body, this includes all of those nefarious means. Sometimes, the physical harm becomes so excessive that the partner has to be hospitalized. Locking in the room, driving recklessly, forcing to leave home, or abandoning in a risky place are some of the few toxic traits that also fall under the physical violence act.

Harassment and Stalking

Another frequent way to terrorize the victim of domestic abuse is the stalk them. It usually starts as repeated phone calls and threatening emails. But it can later turn out to be deadly when the abuser tries to follow home. Therefore, the victim has to be vigilant from the first sign of abuse.

Harassing through mails and calls is a method that domestic abusers employ very often. It is usually one of the first symptoms in a toxic relationship. So, it is wiser to seek help at the very beginning when these traits start to show up on the domestic partner.


No one in this twenty-first century deserved to be abused. If you are one of the victims, the first thing you should look for is to consult the security officers. You have to know that there are no excuses for domestic violence. You cannot justify it by bringing in mental health problems.

It is estimated that there is one in every five households becomes subject to violence at home. Therefore, everyone should seek help or medical assistance in order to prevent it at an early stage. There are many organizations that provide free psychiatric therapy for the mental development of the abuser. There are also many rehab centers where mentally unstable partners are treated.


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