What is Shopify Plus Store?

Shopify developed the Shopify Plus program in 2014 to compete with business eCommerce systems like Magento, Volusion, and Demandware and attract major eCommerce retailers. Shopify Plus is an enterprise eCommerce platform for high-growth businesses and retailers that is completely hosted. With the addition of a substantial set of capabilities to their Plus offering, Shopify has significantly eroded the market share of the established corporate players.

What is Shopify Plus? 

Modern eCommerce platform Shopify Plus was created especially for high-volume commercial companies. Its main benefit is that it gives your regular commerce setup more flexibility, customization, and automation along with quicker speeds and better omnichannel offerings.

A SaaS eCommerce platform of the newest generation, Shopify Plus is completely hosted. Hosted systems like Shopify Plus are much more dependable than conventional self-hosted platforms like Magento Enterprise or SAP Hybris since they are continuously checked and improved to guarantee optimal effectiveness and robustness. Shopify plus agency will help you solve all your problems!

Additionally, since Shopify Plus is hosted, you have access to a quick, safe, and robust hosting network that’s designed to boost your website’s search engine optimization, keep speeds up (even during spikes in traffic), and remove the need to manage your own server or find a hosting provider that can handle your needs.

How Does Shopify Plus Work?

A platform called Shopify Plus is made for companies with lots of customers and sales. It gives them the resources they need for efficient company management. Although everyone may use it, company owners still need to take the cost into account.

The Benefits of Shopify Plus


The unlimited bandwidth provided by the Shopify Plus package enables the company to manage spikes in traffic. Additionally, shops can process up to 6,000 checkouts (orders) every minute and handle up to 4 million visits per second with 99.99% uptime. This also includes 200TB of storage for the shop. Due to this, Shopify Plus is one of the most dependable systems for hosting a popular brand shop.


Scaling up and extending your brand’s reach, particularly internationally, comes with its own set of difficulties. This shift is made simple for you with Shopify Plus. To accommodate various markets and languages, you may construct up to 12 separate shops, or instances. Additionally, this offers infinite staff accounts for several team members. 


With the Plus package, you may use applications like Launchpad to optimize heavy traffic and plan, organize, and carry out important business activities in advance. Speaking of applications, the greater API limit enables worry-free integration of numerous apps simultaneously!

Control & Automation

It’s no secret that Shopify’s online businesses may use the most beautiful and adaptable themes available. Shopify Plus, on the other hand, takes a step further and gives merchants control over checkout modifications, enabling them to provide a more tailored checkout experience. 

The Script Editor App, which enables programmers to create unique scripts that are hosted by Shopify, is also accessible to subscribers of the Plus subscription. “Automation” becomes an essential operational component on the way to growth and expansion. You may create workflows to automate operations, campaigns, and processes inside the shop and across applications using the Shopify Flow App.

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Extended Assistance

There are premium privileges that come with a premium membership! For instance, a wholesale channel for businesses who sell the same goods that are offered on your webshop but to wholesale customers! a success manager who is responsible for aiding merchants with the platform’s many features. 24/7 advice and support on many important topics, from design changes to unique integrations to achieving corporate objectives. For DIY enthusiasts, Shopify Plus Academy offers premium plan members unique access to both in-depth courses and brief, useful training. 

What Distinguishes Shopify from Shopify Plus?

Small to midsize businesses that want an adaptable sales platform might use Shopify as an eCommerce solution. Shopify Plus is an enterprise-level platform that is significantly bigger and more complicated for businesses that currently sell thousands of items daily. If you’re not a member of the eCommerce elite, Shopify should work for you.

Bottom Line

An incredibly powerful platform like Shopify Plus can exponentially speed up a brand’s growth. But there is a cost involved. And it’s crucial to wait to invest until your business has grown to the point where the cost is justified.


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