What Makes an Explainer Video Engaging?

An explainer video is a special kind of precise video that aims to communicate the process regarding how something can work in an engaging and simple way. They are mainly used as marketing videos in order to explain different kinds of products or services and also help in boosting sales or sign-ups.

They are also very beneficial for gathering information and knowledge. An explainer video that is marketing-based can typically last between one and half a minute and two minutes and also can use an attractive script with a visual style to capture the attention of the viewers’. There are two main kinds of explainer video, known as:

The Live-action

This is the traditional form of video, with videos being filmed in real life. This could be very simple, like an individual speaking about a specific product, or it can be something creative.

The advantage of this type of explainer video is that it can deliver that specific connection that can come from the use of real people. With so many animated explainer videos, it’s a way to make your brand stand out from the big crowd.

The Animated explainer videos

This is the most common type that is used with digital tools. Varieties types of techniques are used with the very common thing:

  • 2D Vector – It is a digital version of a cartoon style known as “flat”
  • 3D Animation – Here, the 3D models are used to create the animation
  • Paid and Free Motion Graphics – Here comes the use of animated text, graphs, and charts

These animation works are done by another company, but various kinds of tools also exist, like the Powtoon that can allow the in-house creation of simple videos. The explainer video is one of the best ways through which your consumers can take a look at your business.

The qualities that can make an explainer video engaging:

It tells some engaging stories

Effective explainer videos can be very engaging with their power to tell stories. That means that once viewers start watching the video, most of them will stay tuned to the end. The cause for this is that an explainer video can tell a story in a special way.

Adding Premiere Pro video effects helps set the mood, add clarity to your story, or punch up the excitement. These effects are incredibly versatile. Using them will benefit your explainer video production, stylized video, or rendered CG projects realistically.

It follows a simple structure to narrate that can attract the viewers and take them on an engaging and enjoyable journey.

It brings the focus to the brands

To produce an effective and engaging explainer video, you must plan how to explain the utility of the product. Explaining your business in such a short time span requires making the video in the most appropriate way. This includes:

  • What do you need to actually do?
  • Why should a person be interested in it?
  • How can one make them interesting?

These are the primary questions you may encounter but are not very easy to answer. The process of developing an explainer video needs you to remove all kinds of unnecessary noises and focus on what’s really important.

Communicates with your culture

At first glance, an explainer video is a way to express what you do. The special style, format, and approach of an explainer video can easily capture the ‘feel’ and the culture of your organization.

Your chosen approach needs to be matched with how you desire to present your business to your customers. A successful video production company will ensure that the approach they choose for a video is perfectly matched to the needs of the target audience.


Therefore the explainer video is a simple but effective way to deliver the most important message that an organization needs to deliver. It’s something that is a basic need but isn’t easy to get in the online world where people want some instant answers.

The explainer video has evolved to create and develop this instant connection. And a good explainer video can not only provide a clear and detailed explanation of a product or service, but it can also offer the viewers a taste of the culture or brand.

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