What Parts Are Needed for Trailers?

Trailers are vital transport vehicles in the world economy. They move goods across inland transport links and complete the supply chain for many companies. Currently, there are over 42,000 trucking companies in Australia and one of the biggest challenges facing the business is breakdowns and repairs.

Trucks take a lot of hits on the open road, and damage is inevitable. Fortunately, repair services are widely available; the only drawback is where to source parts for repair and replacements. Many manufacturers sell parts but the price tag is often high. Additionally, some of the stock parts have design limitations that affect the truck’s performance. On a different note, aftermarket truck parts are available to complete repair services. They are more affordable and easier to access. As a result, many truck owners opt for aftermarket products. Here are some of the parts that are always needed for trailers.

Trailer axles

The axle is an important part of a truck that transfers weight and drive to the wheels. Although its function sounds simple, the axle is one of the most complex parts of a trailer. Furthermore, it is vulnerable to damage because it receives many forces.

Unfortunately, one of the most expensive truck parts to repair is the axle. The stock axle replacement cost is often high; however, aftermarket alternatives are more economical. Nonetheless, it’s imperative to choose the right axle before getting started. Replacement parts should match the truck’s specifications. Some of the primary specifications include load capacity, mounting position, bolt pattern, and track width.


Since trucks are constantly subjected to heavy loads, the suspension is always vulnerable to damage. Most modern trucks operate an air suspension system. Unfortunately, finding a reliable, affordable replacement for a damaged suspension is not easy unless you know where to look in the aftermarket world. BPW supplies some of the best suspension systems in the market. Their products are reliable, inexpensive, and compatible with many trucks. Furthermore, the suspensions come in different configurations for all types of road applications.

Landing legs

Landing legs support the front end of the semi-trailer when removing the truck. They are critical for offloading and transferring goods. Typically the landing legs have high and low gear for loaded and empty trailers. Quality aftermarket landing gears are marked by strength rating, stability, and usability. Furthermore, a lightweight design and low crank improve operation, making it faster and safer to work the landing legs.

Tow couplings

The main function of tow coupling is to connect the tractor to the trailer. The system has two primary components: the fifth wheel and the kingpin. They work in tandem to ensure stability and power transmission. Unfortunately, tow couplings often need replacement once wear and tear cause apparent damage. Truck spares from a reliable aftermarket dealer offer a long-term solution at an attractive cost. Moreover, all coupling specifications are available.

If you want aftermarket parts for Isuzu or other trucks, it is best to consult leading brands or household names in the aftermarket space. For example, you can get high-quality trailer parts from BPW. There are many brands in the aftermarket, so make sure to do some research before making any purchases. Moreover, you can consult your mechanic if you have one. All in all, the secondary market is great for truck parts.


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