Let’s Talk Etiquette: Here’s What You Can Expect From Your Guests At Your Vacation Rental

When booking a vacation rental, the guests expect us to offer them a gorgeous, clean, and comfortable accommodation laden with amenities and facilities. Being a host, we expect only one thing from them- to be a good guest. While some travelers prove to be excellent guests, a few demonstrate a kaleidoscopic attitude. Simply put, no two guests are alike, and hence, you must learn to deal with the heterogeneity. 

As you run from pillar to post to make their stay comfortable and memorable, knowing what to expect from them makes your work easy. 

Here’s what to expect from your guests at your vacation rental

Not all of them will know everything about your accommodation

The meticulous planners often read every detail about the accommodation before booking it, while some arrive without a clue about the property. Hence, always be ready to answer diverse questions from your guests. 

They might not have checked the list of offerings, so be patient and walk them through everything, from the number of bedrooms, in-unit amenities, shared amenities, and other offerings.

They won’t be punctual 

Your guests might mention that they are arriving in the morning and make it past noon. It happens all the time. So, be patient. 

Keep your property prepared as per the mentioned schedule but expect a delay. Also, some guests might not leave on your schedule. To avoid inconvenience, request your guests to tell you the exact time of their departure. 

Not all of them will respect your property

You might want to extend the most comfortable stay experience for your guests. For the same, you equip your property with a host of amenities and household stuff that your guests might need during their stay. 

Some of your guests might not be very mindful while using these offerings. Hence, refrain from keeping expensive stuff at your vacation rental, more so if you receive many families. The kids might spoil your property. 

You will find a lot of trash after they leave 

Before leaving the property, some guests throw all the trash in the can, empty the refrigerator, clean the kitchen, and place the TV remote to where it belongs. But, some do none of these. So, do not expect to walk into a clean, spotless home once your guests leave. 

You will have to get the property deeply cleaned after your guests vacate it. 

Only a few will abide by their rules 

Hosts often impose some rules and regulations and appreciate when their guests follow them. For instance, you might want your guests to leave their shoes outside. Or, you might not want your guests to use a specific room. Similarly, some hosts want their guests to make their vacation and stay eco-friendly or keep the doors closed. 

Sadly, only a few guests abide by these rules and regulations. So, don’t be taken aback if you don’t find your guests following the rules. 

You might have to double up as a travel agent 

So, you have one of the most gorgeous apartments in Atlanta, GA that welcomes guests every season.  

Your guests might expect you to be their concierge and help them with the list of local tourist attractions, best restaurants and cafes in the area, events happening in your area, and more. The best way to give them every information they might need is by creating a welcome book containing all the details about what to do, where to go, how to go, and more. 


Every vacation rental owner wants to be a wonderful host. You can be one if you know what to expect from your guests. If you are aware of it, you can successfully create the experience they desire and be ready to face any adversity. 

We hope this information helps you to be a good host. Visit the rest of the site for more articles!

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