Why Personalized Gifts are the Ideal Mother’s Day: Six Amazing Presents Your Mom Will Love

Spoiler Alert. In the US, Mother’s Day for 2022 is on May 9th. If you are reading this and it’s May 10th or beyond, then it may already be too late. We hope for your sake that you didn’t do any of the following. 

  • Forgot Mother’s Day Entirely
  • Decided Mother’s Day Isn’t Worth the Effort
  • Got a Last Minute Gift that Resulted in the Fakest of Smiles from Your Disapproving Mom

If Mother’s Day has not been and gone, then let us remind you that you absolutely must get her something. After all, she carried you for nine months and spent a great many hours in painful labor bringing you into this world and then, no doubt, waited on you hand and foot for decades, and now the least you can do is show her some respect and do something nice for her this year.

The key is planning. Don’t wait until the last minute and end up getting her something that she will clearly know you panic bought. To help you in your pursuit of a gift that will really impress her, here are some potential ideas, all of which follow a particular path.

Personalized Gifts

In whatever form you get one, a personalized gift is probably the safest bet you can make when it comes to getting a Mother’s Day present. Unless you know your mother well in terms of gifts that she’d actually actively be seeking, a personalized, custom-made present is the next best option.

Personalized Gifts to Consider

Name Necklace

A custom necklace, one that is stylish and fits your mother’s tastes, can be all the more memorable and effective if it were to spell out her grandchildren’s names or, perhaps if she is a widow, the name of your father. Personalized jewelry is a great option to consider as it helpfully combines the luxury that comes from any high-quality piece of jewelry with the sentimental value of something that is very specific to your mother.

Another option is to have an item engraved with a special message; you could even look to upgrade any of her existing items with something of this nature, which is a very affectionate and emotional way to surprise her.

Personalized Socks, Apron, Mugs

You can choose to go down a more amusing, light-hearted path when it comes to personalized gifts. For instance, you can get specially made socks with a fun message or an apron that promotes her quality cooking, as well as decorative mugs that push and display just how great a mother she is for all her family. 

These are a nice addition to go with other presents and are generally far less expensive than other types of gifts and therefore may be more relevant for those who regularly get their mother’s gifts and hence less of a need to really splash out financially.

Personalized Plush Blanket

If your mother is very active around the house or the garden or still works full-time, she might appreciate a lovingly adorned plush blanket that she can cuddle up to after a long day. 

You can have a family portrait placed on the blanket and pillows so that she’ll get to hold her family extra close as she is relaxing on the sofa, reading a book, or taking the time to crochet with macrame rope.

Monogrammed Designer Bag

Perhaps your mother is very fashion-conscious, in which case you can buy her a designer bag and then have, as a finishing touch, the bag monogrammed with the initials of her children or grandchildren.

This is a great way to add additional meaning and attachment to a beautiful item that she’ll get a lot of use out of. In this way, she’ll get to have a regular reminder of her loving family wherever she may be walking around. On a similar theme, you can add her own initials on a monogrammed silk pajama set, which would be a very fitting way to personally thank her for being the best mom in the world.

Birth Stone Necklace

Another idea that combines the timeless quality of jewelry and the personalized nature of a gift that is ideal for Mother’s Day is a birthstone necklace. These are very chic, and because you are using your mother’s own personal birthstone, it’s very specific to her, and that individual touch is worth a great deal, especially if you make sure you get the correct stone!

These come in many styles, but a simple heart design will do the trick, and you can choose the metal according to her personal style choices; perhaps she’s more into silver than gold, for instance. 

Personalized Gardening Tools

Does your mother have green fingers? If so, a set of gardening tools, each of which is engraved with loving messages (perhaps individually written by members of the family), would certainly make her day. You can add her initials to each as well for that additional touch. 

Maybe add to this some great new plants for the garden and enlist the help of her grandchildren to get them planted. 

Remember Don’t Forget

Whatever you do. Don’t get caught up in the specifics too much; just make sure you get something or indeed plan something special for your mother this Mother’s Day. Forgetting again this year just won’t cut it. 

Put in the effort, and you’ll be surprised at how happy you’ll be making her, especially if she is well used to you not getting her something on this special day. 

Good luck!

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