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Why the website is still a crucial part of a holistic marketing campaign

Things are changing in the world of marketing, and social media has moved to the fore along with online e-commerce shops, but the website, even just as a landing page, is still one of the most critical aspects of brand design. In fact, the website is arguably still the most critical aspect of a holistic marketing campaign.

What is holistic marketing

This is about an integrated means of marketing using all the platforms and modes of communication at your disposal. Content marketing, email marketing, traditional advertising and printed brochures are all now used, and the idea is to reach as many suitable customers and clients as you can, in as many ways as possible. The whole of the marketing campaign should also run throughout the entire business, from supply chain to sales. The argument herein is that throughout this entire process the website still presents as the most important aspect and the platform from where the holistic marketing campaign can be coordinated.

How the website still forms a major part of this holistic plan

As the number of marketing platforms change and social media marketing has become the norm for many businesses, there was a line of argument that heralded the death knell of the website as a marketing tool. This has not been the case, and in fact, the opposite is true, and the bespoke website has become the cog of the holistic marketing machine as detailed by Below is some insight as to why your business still needs a website and a good one at that.

For validation and to determine authenticity

As a starting point the website is the first point of validation, regardless of where the client or prospective client has heard about you, they will definitely look to authenticate your existence by checking your business website out. The website will have details on it that will confirm the marketing messages that have directed people to the site and as such validate your existence.

As a digital shop window

The website, regardless of whether  functioning as a fully-fledged e-commerce site, will generally be used as a shop window. It should allow prospective buyers to browse and get a good feel for what the business does and the variety of products available.

Best place to tell a back story

The website is the best place to present the business history and develop a great business back story. The ‘About us’ tab is accepted as a great starting point to determine the authenticity of a business.

It’s how people who don’t know you can find you

Those who don’t know you will only be able to find your business online using generic search terms. As long as the website has professional search engine optimization then  those searching for the general terms associated with your products and services (key words) will be able to find you.

Central hub for all analytics and data gathering

The website of a business should be set up to gather data in an age where this customer information is so important for the development of the business.

There may have been a surge in  some of the more recent forms of marketing such as Social Media marketing and this has raised questions as to the continued use and importance of websites for modern business. This article shows why the website as part of a holistic and integrated marketing campaign is still likely to yield the best overall return on investment.

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