Your home’s interior design is a reflection of your inner self. It acts as an outward projection of your preferences and tastes. Therefore, every piece of furniture that goes into the various rooms of your home plays a part in maintaining and complementing your home’s aesthetics. But, this begs the question- what happens when furniture ownership is not as ‘permanent’ as it once was?
Some homeowners now opt to rent, rather than buy, their furniture. This shift gained significant steam in the last three years when lockdowns and quarantines shrank the sizes of our world to the space within our homes. As a result, the house transformed into an improvised classroom, a hastily created office and even a gym. With these drastic changes came the fact that makeshift living is now a norm. And with such transient outlooks, renting furniture becomes the most sustainable option.

Why Is Furniture Rental The Next Big Interior Trend?

First, furniture rental is not a new concept. The idea’s origins lie in the American brand Rent-A-Centre which began offering a rent-to-own model in 1986. However, the brand’s target customer was the cash-strapped individual. This business model and consumer differ significantly from the concept’s present iteration.
Unlike the original rent-to-own mode, today’s furniture rental trend targets younger customers whose primary goal is to try out different types of furniture and express their design prowess. As a result, numerous companies are now offering the adventurous and curious a chance to try out all kinds of furniture pieces, from plants to accent chairs to décor accessories.
What Happens When You Rent Your Furniture?
You start the process by choosing a furniture rental company to work with. Next, you get the chance to select your ideal pieces, after which you will sign a rental agreement based on the company’s terms.
Once your furniture is in place, two avenues follow. The first is where you enjoy using the furniture over a long period. This path comes with the advantage of lowering the rental charges while avoiding commitment. However, if you grow attached to the furniture and decide to keep it, the company may agree to apply your previous payments to the purchase price, thus enabling you to own it outright.
Conversely, if you decide to return the furniture, the company will readily relieve you of it once the contract term ends. When this happens, most rental companies repair, restore and sanitise the pieces before offering them to other customers. By recirculating them this way, they avoid adding on to the millions of tons of furniture that end up in landfills yearly.

Benefits of Renting Furniture


Furniture rental is ideal, no matter your lifestyle. It matches even your ever-shifting tastes and opens up a world of possible furniture options -like trendy and unconventional pieces- that you wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. In addition, the acquisition and return processes are easy to initiate and execute, making the whole endeavour hassle-free.

Environmentally Friendly

While the furniture rental process continues to rely on the back and forth of deliveries and returns, the premise remains better for the environment than the alternative. It aims to emulate the circular economy that is now a prevalent part of modern culture. Thus, with some streamlining, the furniture rental supply chain will become the ideal green alternative.

Pocket-Friendly Remodels

Furniture rentals allow you to make significant décor changes to your rooms without incurring the potentially prohibitive costs associated with the process. In this way, you can execute home makeovers whenever the urge strikes without breaking the bank. Consequently, you get the chance to explore your tastes to the maximum and alter your living spaces using a cost-effective alternative. 
If you were to describe furniture rentals using modern slang, the term ‘life hack’ would be most appropriate. This model of furniture consumption allows you to explore the delights of superior offerings while remaining within reasonable monetary limits.


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