7 Tips for a Healthier and More Productive Work Routine as a WordPress Blogger

Being a professional WordPress blogger can be tough. There are times when you have so many ideas and thousands of words, and there are times when that well runs dry. Then, there’s writer’s block, internet distractions, lack of motivation, and the list goes on.

For the most part, these challenges arise when there’s a lack of a blogging routine or schedule. You see, to maintain productivity while working from home as a blogger, you need to structure your day in a way that will make you more productive

Having a defined process allows you to get things done systematically and manage your time more effectively. In this blog post, we share a few tips to create a healthier and more productive blogging routine.

1. Start by Creating a Conducive Work Environment

If, like most people, you’ve embraced remote work, you need to establish a work-from-home office and equip it with all the necessities.

You might be tempted to lie on your bed or sofa in PJs, but it is not advisable. It will often result in a disaster – if not body ailments due to poor posture, laziness may creep in, leading to procrastination.

A workspace puts your mind in the right place and promotes a better focus on work.

2. Set Realistic Blogging Goals

Most new bloggers dream of making money while blogging. However, setting high expectations can be devastating when you fail to achieve them. To be a successful blogger, you’ll need to create several goals for your business. These include goals like creating an email list, lead generation, domain authority, social media influence, and so on.

Just be sure to set attainable goals to avoid disappointment. In addition, it’s worth noting that things won’t always work out as you planned. Therefore, create flexible goals and be ready to make changes as you proceed.

3. Schedule Your Blog Posts

Not many things are as time-consuming as blogging. From brainstorming, planning, and writing to editing, designing, and posting, you can spend hours creating a single blog post. Without a proper time management technique, you can waste a lot of hours doing just that.

One way to save time is to write your blogs in advance and schedule them to auto-publish. Luckily, WordPress makes this simple.

4. Create a List of Your Blogging Tasks

As a blogger, you have so much to do, including:

  • Researching for new blog posts
  • Writing blog posts
  • Searching for guest posting opportunities
  • Scheduling promotions for your posts on social media
  • Creating pins
  • Scheduling regular posts on social media
  • Rewriting and updating old content 
  • Brainstorming for new projects
  • Checking stats and updating reports

A great blogging routine will be more effective if you lay out everything you need to be working on every week. Having everything planned out paints a clearer picture of your goals and targets. That way, you can estimate how long you need to perform each task on your list and set timelines for your goals.

5. Create a Blogging Schedule

When you structure your day, you can work more efficiently and be more productive. You can create posts and publish them faster. Why? Because everything is all planned out, and you simply need to execute your tasks.

A great hack to incorporate when creating a blogging routine is to do your favorite task at the end. If you do the opposite, that is, do your least favorite task at the end, your energy and motivation will be drained, and you won’t do it as well as you’d have wanted.

Here are tips to help you create a productive blogging routine:

Establish a Daily Blogging Schedule that Works for You

Successful bloggers establish daily schedules around their days. A schedule helps create consistency, which leads to success.

The secret is to formulate a daily schedule that’s attainable and fits your lifestyle. If it’s far from your reach, you can get discouraged and unmotivated.

Work with Deadlines

If you want to boost your productivity, set deadlines for everything you do. With so many distractions around you, especially when working remotely, it’s so easy to stray from your goals for the day.

Setting deadlines not only helps you get things done but also holds you accountable. Since you already have a to-do list, set a time limit on how long you’ll work on those tasks. For effectiveness, look for the best time tracker to monitor time spent on tasks. A time tracking tool will record your work habits and provide statistics that can help you improve your time management techniques.

Create Time for Keyword and Headline Research

To make your blog creation process smoother, schedule a day just for research. Use this time to research topics and keywords and layout your blog post structure.

Trying to squeeze everything in a day, including editing and designing graphics for your post, can be overwhelming. But, when you set aside a day to do the research, you’ll have ample time to create several topics and keywords for the rest of the week.

When it comes to writing the blog post itself, you’ll simply need to fill in the blanks.

6. Schedule Breaks in Your Days

Remote work makes it hard to realize that you’ve been at the computer for four straight hours! This can lead to exhaustion and burnout.

To keep your focus and motivation flowing, remember to take breaks at regular intervals throughout the day. Breaks are an important part of a healthy blogging routine that can help prevent skipping lunch and burnout.

What’s more, breaks give your body a chance to relax and refresh as well as stretch and exercise. As a result, you get to work more efficiently, become more productive, and stay healthy.

7. Prioritize Important Tasks

What’s the most important thing for your blogging business right now? Is it creating an email list or targeting a new market? Or maybe it’s creating new SEO content every day to reach a wide customer base?

Whatever it is, make sure to prioritize the most important tasks and do them first. These are the things that matter most to your blogging business and can make you more successful. If you have more than you can handle now, put them on the calendar or set a reminder. Doing so ensures that you’ll get back to them as soon as you’re done with your current activities.

Final Thoughts

In all you do as a WordPress blogger, planning well in advance will save you a lot of time and effort. Plan for everything and define how you’ll achieve your targets and goals. We know it’s easier said than done. But with determination, consistency, and dedication, you can become highly productive and build a successful blogging business.


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