3 Reasons Why You Need a Virtual Assistant

As 2022 rolled in, businesses continued to face the multiple repercussions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. There’s the Great Resignation—an ongoing phenomenon wherein employees willingly leave their roles to pursue better opportunities. Perhaps the most glaring of all obstacles that most businesses face nowadays is the economic recession. 

Most entrepreneurs have sought various measures to keep their businesses afloat amidst the crisis. Cost-cutting measures, re-branding, and changing their business models. One of the most popular solutions as of 2022 is outsourcing. In fact, a survey suggests that 90% of businesses gave outsourcing credit for their success. Outsourcing allows businesses to hire virtual sales assistants from different parts of the world to perform tasks remotely, usually at a low cost.

If you are looking for ways for your business to thrive in the current economy, here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a virtual assistant:

1. Reduce Business Costs

Virtual assistant services are offered from different parts of the world. This gives you a lot of options in terms of skill sets, wage costs, and the educational background of your VAs. There may be a cultural advantage when you hire someone from your country. However, it’s important to note that there are highly educated VAs from other countries who offer their services at a much lower cost. For instance, virtual assistant services from the Philippines usually cost significantly less compared to hiring an assistant who lives in the US. 

Apart from lower wages, you can improve your business cash flow by not having to pay for overhead costs such as office equipment, office space, and office maintenance costs.

2. Increase Productivity

A study has shown that remote workers spend less time talking with their co-workers than on-site employees. This allows them to focus more on their tasks and achieve more within their workday. Virtual assistants are remote workers themselves. They tend to be fond of the flexibility that the remote setup offers. In turn, they do their best to ensure that their clients are satisfied with their level of productivity in order for them to continue enjoying the flexibility that remote work offers. This means that virtual assistant services can increase your business productivity which is what all businesses should aim for.

Partnering up with virtual assistant companies is also beneficial for your productivity because they often oversee the daily activities of your assigned VA. For example, Virtudesk uses screen-capturing tools that allow them to track the productivity of their VAs. Virtual assistant companies like Virtudesk also offer the advantage of having account managers who serve as liaisons between clients and VAs. This allows for even smoother coordination.

3. Focus on Important Tasks

When you hire VAs from virtual assistant companies like Virtudesk, you will have someone managing the minute and monotonous tasks such as paperwork, cold-calling, and answering emails. Then, you can free up your time and energy for more important tasks. For instance, if you’re a real estate agent and you have a VA who handles transaction coordination and updating listings, you can spend more time building your client relationships and expanding your network. 

There are numerous ways that virtual assistant services can scale your business. Outsourcing is a rising trend for a good reason.  Not only does it help you improve your cash flow, but it also gives you access to more skilled talents at a lower cost.  As globalization continues to rise in 2022, it’s imperative that businesses know which strategy to adopt in order to survive.

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