3 Unmissable Lobby Design Tips

Want to make a good first impression as soon as customers walk in?

Whether online or offline, your lobby will serve as your establishment’s first impression. It’s the initial phase of captivating your customers.

Lobby design sets the atmosphere for your clientele. The question is: will your lobby be enough to make them stay? Will your customers be coming back for more?

Make an excellent and memorable first impression with these tips.

1. Maximize Your Lobby Space

The lobby is the transition zone between the outside and the heart of your establishment. Employ effective zoning to create smooth traffic between reception and business proper. When things are too close for comfort, focus on decongesting the area.

Overcome the architectural limits of your space with contrasting colors and lighting. Bright-colored walls give the illusion of natural lighting and more space. An elevator lobby design or small office lobby design will benefit from this.

Utilize flooring to balance the atmosphere of your lobby. Make it eye-catching but clean.

Polished concrete floors can flatter a small hotel lobby design with a crisp look. Several varieties are available and can be tailor-made for your space.

Check out Concrete Floor FX for your perfect fit. Coordinate the floors and walls with the overall theme of your commercial space. Keep a vision in mind to create a cohesive look.

2. Careful Interior Design

The walls, floors, and ceiling of a lobby are not only its dimensions. It serves as a canvas where you can project elements of your business. Imbue a sense of professionalism, comfort, or relaxation with pieces that fit your space’s agenda.

Maximize space by adding large pieces of wall art into your small office lobby design. Smaller pieces on a wall imbibe a cluttered and congested impression. At the same time, larger works of art decompress a small area.

Lighting plays a heavy role in the ambiance of a lobby. Dim lighting can invoke the feeling of relaxation, such as in a spa. You don’t want harsh fluorescent lights that leave your lobby feeling like a surgery room.

Take into account the dimensions of your space and select furniture sets that complement each other. Exercise discretion and refer to your business purpose when filling your lobby. The goal is to be cohesive rather than a mishmash of furniture.

3. Engage the Senses

Every business is looking for an edge in the market. Why limit your impression to the eyes? Playing ambient music is a staple in most hotel lobbies.

Consider how the mode of delivery can make a huge impact. Will you play live music, a stereo, or for a vintage feel, a gramophone? For office lobbies, play soothing music that won’t disrupt the workplace.

Tickle the other senses by using aromatherapy. Lavender and vanilla are familiar scents that evoke feelings of comfort. Provide complimentary refreshments to impart a feeling of luxury.

Find innovative ways to appeal to your customers and reflect your business.

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Use These Lobby Design Tips to Revamp Your Commercial Space

Now you know how to create a lobby design that will make an impactful first impression on your customers. Don’t forget to be innovative and engage the different senses to leave a mark on your customers.

However, you don’t have to stop here! Want to learn more about design and infrastructure? Check out our other blog posts.

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