5 Signs You Need an Interior Design Upgrade

Did you know that we spend 70% of our time in our homes? That’s a lot of hours to be within the same walls. Especially if your home is not aesthetically pleasing and isn’t functional.

Read on for 5 signs that your space is crying out for an interior design refresh.

1. You Avoid Spending Time in That Space 

Do you have a certain room in your home that you avoid hanging out in? Whether it’s the untidy basement or the overcrowded spare bedroom, having a room that is under-utilized is a problem.

Especially when you think about how much your house costs you each month (whether in rent or mortgage payments), it’s a crime to not make full use of every square foot.

Every room in your space should be a place that you enjoy spending time in. Often, the reason that we don’t spend time in a room is that the room’s purpose isn’t clear.

When the guest room also doubles as a craft bin dumping ground, an overflow laundry room, or a garage, things get icky. No one wants to spend time in a confusing space.

This is where interior designers come in. They can give your home a vision. Even if you do have to use one space for dual purposes, you will be able to have cohesion and calm once they are done.

2. You Have a Storage Crisis

Lack of storage is the woe of many dwellers. In fact, who doesn’t want more storage?

But simply adding in more clunky furniture might not be the answer. Even if your mess is tucked behind doors, the furniture itself could be making the space feel small, crowded, and claustrophobic. 

With modern interior design, you will improve the look of your space while still keeping the storage for your needs. 

3. You Have Unused Space

Do you have a room that is basically a big junk drawer? Or is there a room in your home that you only use a couple of times a year for big holiday dinners?

In either case, it’s time to rethink its purpose. Unused or underused space is an amazing opportunity to inject life and personality into your home. 

With the help of an interior designer, you can strategize the best way to transform that space into something that will add so much value and joy to your home.  

4. It’s Like Walking Into a Time Capsule

If you have any part of your home that feels like you’re entering a previous decade, you are in serious need of some new interior design styles.

Sure, many old fashions come back into style, but what if you have to wait another two decades for that? The better idea is to work with a designer who can help you elevate your space while still keeping period pieces (if you really want them).

5. You have a Firm Budget 

This might sound counterintuitive, but if you have a firm budget for your redecoration, you should hire Lush Interiors Inc. Professional interior designers are experts at working within a budget.

They will help you get the most ‘wow’ from your budget. If you try to do it alone, there is a big chance that you will overspend or not get the full transformation you were hoping for.

With a pro on your side, you are sure to love the results.

Time to Elevate Your Space 

Thanks for reading. We hope this article has shown you why now is the time to invest in home interior design.

We spend so much time in our space, it just makes sense for that space to be as pleasant and function as possible.

Before you go, check out our other articles for more interesting content.  

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