Advantages of Windows 11

Here five awesome features in windows 11.

Now we all know that windows 11 has a lot of new functionality but these features are at the top of my list all right let’s jump on the pc and let’s check these out this brings us to awesome feature number one and that’s windows dictation with auto punctuation in the past on windows10 you could dictate but it didn’t include punctuation.

here I have to explain the advantages of window 11 are dictate I’ll press the windows key together with the h key h is in hotel and this opens the dictate tool right down below.


  1. Here if i click on the settings gear here I can see all the different settings and there’s now new option for auto punctuation I’ll make sure to turn that on now. When I click into this text field I can click on the microphone, and it’ll start listening have you ever tried a cookie from the kevin cookie company. They are the best cookies in the world and check that out it adds all the correct punctuation here put a question mark in and here it inserted a period. So, the dictation tool has become much more useful in windows 11.
  2. This brings us to awesome feature number two you can now set up multiple desktops and you can customize. What those desktops look like on the taskbar there’s an icon to view all your desktops and when I click on this, I can see that. I currently have one desktop. When I click on the plus icon this will add another desktop over here i can right click on. It and now I can customize it this is something that i could not do on windows 10.
  3. I can click on rename and maybe I’ll call this one play and just for the fun of it I’ll press the windows key together with the semicolon key and i can insert an emoji here I’ll go with a robot since that’s what my voice sounds like
  4. when I right click on it I can also choose a custom background for this desktop let me go with this light background I could also shift the position of my different desktops. I could right click and here I can move it to the left or I can move it back to the right.
  5. I can hover over the maximize icon and i get these nice snapping hints. So maybe I’ll place this in the top right-hand corner and right down here I’ll place this in the bottom right-hand corner. I have a little bit more flexibility now if you really want to take snapping to the next level Microsoft offers a free tool called power toys and this is available on both windows 10 and on windows 11. You can do so much beyond what you can do in windows 11.

Here for example, it has power toys open and over on the left-hand side there’s something called fancy zones think of this as very advanced snapping over here it can launch a layout Editor. I can choose exactly what i want my different snap zones to look like and if I am not satisfied with any of these options i could also create my own layout so here let’s go with a grid and I’ll click on create if you look at this i could select exactly what my snapping grid looks like so once again you get a ton of power around snapping along with snapping you get all of these other awesome tools. Once again, it’s completely free to download and install if you’re interested in power toys, I’ve included a link in the description down below awesome feature number four and this one’s related to snapping.

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