How to Wear a Necklace: A Brief Guide for Men

Necklaces are often a difficult accessory to navigate for men as they’re typically deemed as feminine accessories. Additionally, they sit directly under the fact, meaning that they attract a lot of attention, so you don’t want to get it wrong.

With this being said, men’s necklaces in the UK are surging in popularity, meaning that those without them feeling like they’re being left behind. Despite this, so many men don’t know how to wear a necklace. Necklaces for women are used as statement pieces, whereas for men they should be a complementary component of a wider ensemble. How can you ensure that you’re wearing a necklace in the right way?

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Keep It Simple

The golden rule when it comes to men and jewelry is to keep it simple. Gemstones, sparkle, and bling are not the way forwards for men’s accessories. You’re not looking to overpower your outfit, instead, you should implement subtle accessories that will make the rest of your ensemble pop. Necklaces are strictly accompaniments, they’re not the be all and end all of what you’re wearing.

Don’t Mix Metals

Mixing metals is never a good idea when it comes to jewelry as it makes it seem as though your outfit was thrown together. The last thing that you want is for your outfit to get confused as this will result in clashing and unsightly combinations. If you’re wearing a gold watch, you should have a gold necklace to match; this will seamlessly tie your ensemble together rather than overwhelm it.

Additionally, gold is a trickier color to place than silver. Silver is a color that seemingly complements everything, whether it be a jet black or a soft pink. However, gold should be reserved solely for royal blues, forest greens, and earthy tones such as shades of brown. Therefore, not only is it important not to mix metals but selecting the right metal also requires serious thought.

Consider Your Body Size

How a necklace looks on you will depend on your body size. For example, if you’re very slim and wearing a bulky chain, it may look like it’s drowning you. However, if you have quite a broad chest, a larger neckpiece may not look as out of place on you. Men with a slim build shouldn’t wear chains with a greater width than 4mm as this will overpower their appearance.

The go-to necklace that works on any man is the subtle chain; this can sit beneath a shirt collar, showing just the right amount of shine. This allows you to make a statement without drawing too much attention to your jewelry.

Choose the Right Length and Material

As a rule of thumb, a necklace on a man should sit around six to eight inches above the bellybutton. Therefore, the necklace that you select is once again determined by your body size. Additionally, when it comes to selecting the number of necklaces that you wish to wear, you shouldn’t exceed two as, once again, this is overpowering.

In regard to selecting the right necklace material, you can’t go wrong with precious metals. Gold, silver, and platinum tend to be the easiest metals to match with other clothing items and you won’t get much wear out of anything outside of this bracket.


Keeping these tips in mind will certainly make it easier to navigate the idea of wearing a necklace, however, it all depends on how you wear them. Confidence is key when it comes to accessorizing and, if you carry it well, you’ll be able to get away with most things.


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