Biography Essays: Tips, Tricks & Examples

How to Start a Biography Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide with Examples

A biography essay is one in which you describe the narrative of someone’s life. It gives you the opportunity to conduct a study and discover interesting facts and opinions about someone. This individual could be a historical character, a well-known lawmaker, an actor, an artist, a novelist, or an inventor. The purpose of essays in biography is to show who that individual was and what impact they made on the world.

To write a great biography essay, you must first create a thesis statement about a person and then write supporting passages about their life and work. Lastly, a conclusion will help demonstrate the long-term effect they’ve had.

In this article, you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What is a biography essay?
  • How to start a biography essay (example)?
  • How to build a biography essay outline properly?
  • What to do when faced with difficulties in writing a biography essay?
  • Should I search for professional help to do my paper for me?

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How to Start a Biography Essay

So, what is a biography essay, exactly? Biography essays are a narrative about someone’s existence. It usually centers on significant occurrences in a person’s life and provides insight into their personality and character. A biographical essay can be both fascinating and difficult to write. On the one hand, it enables you to delve into the life of a remarkable individual (or your own when it comes to a self biography essay), but it also necessitates extensive research and hard labor. In this piece, we’ll go over how to compose essays in biography and make them stand out!

Choose a Subject

The first stage in writing a biography essay is to decide on a topic. Someone who has had a major effect on your life or the world at large should be your topic. The inspiration might come from a famous historical figure, a family member, a teacher, or even a fictitious character. Choose someone you know well enough to write a complete essay. Once you’ve settled on a topic, you can start working on your essay.

Note: If it’s a self biography essay, you have to write about yourself.

Outline Main Points

After deciding on a topic, you must select the significant events in the person’s life that you wish to highlight in your biography essay. These topics should act as the structure for your thesis and should cover the most important aspects of the individual’s life. For example, if you’re writing about a prominent scientist, you should include their educational history, accolades and honors, significant contributions to research, and global significance.

Tell a Story

In biography essays, it is critical to tell a story. Yes, facts and dates are important. But it is always better to build a story about the person’s life from their point of view. This will increase the readability and engagement of your work. Let’s say, you’re writing about a famous athlete – then, you may tell a story about their path from being an amateur to becoming a professional athlete.

Share a Quote

Incorporating a memorable quotation or saying from the individual you’re writing about can help to flesh out your biography essay. Writing about a renowned artist, for instance, a pro paper writer would include a quotation from one of their works. This will help to personalize the essay and make it more fascinating to readers.

Discuss Accomplishments

Another essential element of biography essays is discussing the individual’s triumphs or feats. Include any rewards they have ever received. Any notable projects or initiatives in which they have been involved will also help to disclose their personality and professional skills. In addition, this will let the audience grasp the person’s impact on the globe.

Lastly, you should discuss the person’s effect on the world. Discuss their impact and how their life altered the path of history. You can also consider current events and describe how the person’s life and work continue to have an impact on society today.

Examples of Biography Essay Introduction

Using the mentioned tips on writing a biography essay, you can create a worthy piece. Yet, to make your work even easier, we’d like to show you some good examples of introductions to biography essays. Here is what you can write about Ernest Hemingway in the opening:

“Some consider Ernest Hemingway to be one of the greatest authors in American history. He had his share of difficulties and triumphs, and he left a lasting impression on our literature. Hemingway was a major literary character and writer, and his early experiences, as well as significant events in his adult life, are mirrored in his works in a variety of ways…”

Another example of biography essay introduction is about Tony Hawk:

“Tony Hawk is a former legendary professional skateboarder generally regarded as one of, if not the, greatest skateboarder of all time. The twelve-time National Skateboard Association world champion is best known for his outlandish and physically demanding feats, such as the 900, a two-and-a-half circle aerial rotation done mid-air…”

Probably, you all have heard about Frank Sinatra at least once. Creating a biography essay about him, you can start as follows:

“Francis Albert Sinatra is regarded as one of the greatest vocalists of the 1940s and 1950s. Sinatra was a singer as well as an actor. He had a significant influence on many people’s lives. However, Sinatra’s success was marred by numerous controversies. Everyone makes mistakes, but that is not what people recall him for. He will be remembered as one of the best artists of all time…”

Finally, let us demonstrate a great example of biography essay intro about Helen Keller:

“The finest and most lovely objects in the universe can’t be seen or even handled; they have to be felt with the heart,” Helen Keller said. Helen Keller refused to be limited by her eyesight and hearing. She was the first deafblind individual to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree. She assisted many others in achieving similar objectives. She was an inspiration to her age, and she continues to motivate and amaze people today. Keller received attention from the age of eight until her demise in 1968. She will be known as an incredible American author, political activist, and speaker…”

To Sum Up

Writing a biography essay can be an enjoyable experience. It enables you to delve into the life of a remarkable individual and reach important inferences about their influence on the world. When beginning a biography essay, choose a topic, outline important points, relate a story, share a quote, discuss achievements, and evaluate the effect. You can write an interesting and instructive biography essay using these guidelines.

But what if composing essays in biography narratives is not your cup of tea? Should you rely on someone else in writing a biography essay for you? Of course, it’s not encouraged to do so, but when the deadline is close and you need a top-quality paper, online writing services may be a solution. But don’t hurry to buy an essay without trying to compose it yourself first! Essays in biography format might not be the most exciting pieces to write, but they can definitely make you express your creativity!


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