Bruce D. Strebinger shares his formula for the perfect luxury family home

Few people know what makes the perfect luxury family home better than Canadian-born real estate developer Bruce D. Strebinger. He is a seasoned real estate professional from Vancouver. Vancouver, born and bred, specializes in luxury family homes in the city, its suburbs, and further afield.

Passionate about luxury real estate, the developer has a tried-and-tested recipe for the perfect family home. To demonstrate, a closer look at the expert’s formula follows, starting with cutting-edge technological features.

Five must-haves for the perfect luxury family home

Cutting-edge technological features

When it comes to luxury family homes, Bruce D. Strebinger says that technology is of the utmost importance. The basis of so-called smart homes, internet-connected technological features are a must, according to the expert.

They’re doubly valuable for families looking for convenience as well. The father of two says that from controlling heating and cooling to powering lighting and security measures, technological features will be essential in any luxury family home in 2022.

The highest-quality materials

Bruce D. Strebinger has a list of the next must-haves in high-quality materials. The secret, the real estate professional reports, is family-friendly materials that are both durable and luxurious.

With that, they’re simultaneously hard-wearing and beautiful to look at. Among Bruce’s favorite high-end materials is marble. However, he says expanses of glass, hardwood, and even high-quality bricks can all add significantly to any luxury family home.

Cleverly integrated storage

Combining family practicality and a high-end feel, the third part of his formula for the perfect luxury family home involves cleverly integrated storage. The expert says that clever storage is a must for two reasons. First, it helps to minimize any family clutter.

Secondly, minimizing clutter without having obvious storage, like open shelving, helps to make any home feel more luxurious. As a result, cleverly integrated storage works on two all-important fronts in any high-end family home, according to Bruce Strebinger.

Well-defined spaces

Fourth on Bruce Strebinger’s list is well-defined spaces. In the perfect high-end family home, practicality and luxury must converge at all levels. To achieve this, Strebinger recommends incorporating several very specific, well-defined spaces.

Examples include a kids’ playroom and a study. The former for the children, and the latter for the adults. He says that suitable outside space is also essential for families with kids, as is additional entertaining space for adults.

Location, location, location

Lastly, Strebinger turns briefly to location. All of the above is for nothing, the expert says if the area isn’t right.

The right location can make any home feel more luxurious, Bruce Strebinger, Vancouver real estate expert, reports. The location also plays a crucial role in day-to-day family life. Think about schools, he suggests, where proximity to these and other vital pieces of infrastructure can make all the difference to family living.

About Bruce D. Strebinger

Vancouver-based Bruce Strebinger is a luxury real estate developer focused on high-end and multi-family homes. Born and raised in Vancouver, the proud Canadian is married with two children.

Outside of his work in luxury real estate, Bruce D. Strebinger is passionate about golf, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. Elsewhere, Strebinger enjoys keeping fit and spending as much time as possible with his family and friends.

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