Can Gold Necklaces Irritate the Skin

Do you have sensitive skin that reacts badly to new products and different materials? This can be irritating and you may notice that your skin becomes red and uncomfortable, as well as itchy when it comes into contact with something new. In particular, this can be a reaction that people get when they wear new jewelry. 

So, will gold necklaces irritate the skin? This is a common question asked by those that want to accessorize their outfits. Let’s take a closer look at gold and whether this is going to be a good material for a necklace.

Can You Have an Allergy to Gold?

Ultimately, gold necklaces are only going to irritate the skin if you have an allergy to one of the materials that are used. After all, it is a smooth and soft metal, which is not going to cause any other problems. So, if you do have irritation of the skin, this has to be an allergy.

Therefore, can you have an allergy to gold? Yes, it is possible that you can have an allergy to this metal. But, it is quite rare. Instead, if you are wearing gold jewelry, you should consider the other metals that are used. For example, if it does not have a high karat, there are going to be other metals, which can include nickel.

One of the most common jewelry allergies to have is caused by nickel. Indeed, it is the metal that is most likely to cause problems. This is why you will often see pieces of jewelry labelled as being free from nickel. It can also help to look for ‘hypoallergenic’ options.

Often, it is recommended that you choose jewelry with a high karat to avoid the risk of skin irritation. For example, 22-karat gold boasts 91.67 per cent pure gold, which keeps the other metals to a minimum. You can take a look at the beautiful traditional necklaces from Queen of Hearts that are made from 22K gold. This is going to have a lower risk of causing an adverse reaction on the skin.

If you do think you have an allergy to certain metals, it is best to see a doctor. Often, they are going to help you see if you do have an allergy through a patch test. They can do this safely and confirm the answer.  Then, you are going to be able to select jewelry that does not contain this metal.

How to Know You Have a Jewelry Allergy

Many people want to know the signs of a jewelry allergy. Indeed, there are going to be symptoms you experience and generally, you will know when you have one. Here are a few signs to look out for.


Do you notice that your skin has become red around the jewelry? This could be because of the materials touching the skin. If you see the connection between redness and wearing something new, this is likely that you are allergic to the metals it contains.


Unfortunately, the skin will not just appear red. It can also become irritated. This means that you can experience itching, which can be mild or very uncomfortable. Again, this is going to be on the skin near the new jewelry you are wearing.


There are some people that can have severe jewelry allergies. Indeed, they are likely to notice this effect and realize what is happening. For example, they can suffer from blisters where the piece of jewelry has touched the skin.

If you have any of these symptoms, it is best to stop wearing the jewelry until they stop. If you feel like they are not causing you a lot of problems, you can try the jewelry again. Of course, if the symptoms return to the same areas of skin, it is likely that you have an allergy to what you are wearing.


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