Dubai Land – A Real Estate In The Most Thought-out District

Property in Dubai has always been a profitable asset, whether you purchase housing as your personal residence or plan to rent it out. Apartments in Dubai Land are a great option, as the district is rapidly developing and it has all the necessary infrastructure that you can imagine. The place will be ideal both for families with kids, as well as for retirees, and for businessman seeking home in the emirates.

Property In Dubai

The Dubai real estate market, according to experts, will continue to strengthen its position in 2023, thanks to the influx of wealthy people and expats, regardless of rising interest rates and the global pandemic, which failed to contain the growth of the market for a long time. In addition, the Dubai real estate market has shown a rapid recovery process and record performance.


Being the owner of real estate in Dubai is always prestigious, and owning real estate in the new elite area of Dubai Land is doubly prestigious. The scale of the project is truly impressive: 45 main and 200 additional properties will be located on the territory of the complex by the end of construction.

To date, 25 large facilities have already been built in the district, which allow us to imagine in general terms what this so-called “city within a city” will look like when the construction work is completed. Completed projects in the district include:

  •     City of Arabia. It is a whole town with residential and office buildings. The Mall of Arabia, the world’s largest shopping centre, will be built in this area.
  •     Golf City. This place is a real find for golf lovers: 5 exclusive golf clubs and a golf academy in one area.
  •     Sports City. It is the first and only sports city today. On the territory of the city there are stadiums where competitions in tennis, football, field hockey, rugby, cricket and other various sports are regularly held.
  •     Bawadi. The boulevard is 10 kilometers long with 50 hotels scattered along it with a total capacity of 60,000 beds. Here you can also find shops, shopping and entertainment centers, parks.
  •     Plantation. An equestrian club that houses not only 800 world-class stables, but also polo fields along with a polo academy, a veterinary centre, residential buildings and 5-star hotels, kindergartens and schools, shopping centres and entertainment complexes, mosques and temples.

The district is direct proof that it is possible to buy real estate in the emirate, in a prestigious area, profitably and inexpensively. Despite the fact that the area is considered to be an entertainment and tourist area, the internal infrastructure is well developed here. Like other residential areas, Dubai Land offers walking and cycling paths, as well as fitness centres.

Supporters of a healthy lifestyle and athletes need not worry about this. And those who are more keen on shopping sports – shopping – also have something to please: there are a huge number of all kinds of shopping centres. Leisure centres and parks will offer you and your children a lot of opportunities to have fun and enjoy your time.

Attractions Around

Dubai Land is considered one of the most popular areas in the city. Within walking distance from the area is the Golden Square – the most expensive area in the world. Only truly wealthy people can afford an apartment or villa in the Golden Square.

The area has such important facilities as:

  •     The famous eco-tourist park Arabian Ranches;
  •     Amusement Park Six Flags Dubai;
  •     Dreamworks Studios theme park with themed hotels, malls and restaurants;
  •     Especially for fans of fast driving, there is Dubai Autodrome nearby (a licensed autodrome with karting tracks, with a special racing school);
  •       Al Sahra Desert Resort – a complex of restaurants;

    Global Village – the venue for the largest fairs in the world with trading floors made in different national styles;

  •     Dubai Wheel – a huge Ferris wheel, larger than the London Eye and Singapore Flyer;
  •     Falcon City Of Wonders (Falcon City of Wonders) is a unique place in which it was possible to collect all the most famous world attractions. Here are the Egyptian pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Taj Mahal and much more. All attractions located here are built in full size.

Real Estate In Dubai

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