Easy Steps to Expand Your Music Audience on Spotify

If you are looking for easy ways to expand your music audience on Spotify, look for sources to buy Spotify plays. There are many other easy ways to get your music off the ground and onto the playlists of Spotify users everywhere.  You can use your personal brand to build a following on Spotify so that you can share the music that you love and kickstart your career!


Use your Network You can use your direct network to start sharing your music quickly. Do you have a friend with a blog or a podcast? It is very likely that they are looking for content for their audience. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can use their platform to talk about your music. A guest post or podcast creates variety in their content and gives you a chance to share your story with their audience. It’s a win-win for you and the host! 


Share your link– Spotify makes it easy to create a link to your artist page. You can use your link to easily connect people back to your music. Writing a blog post? Add your Spotify link to your bio to let people know who you are! You can also use different social media platforms to promote your music with your link. Share it on your TikTok, Instagram, or any other social media accounts that you have. You could even create a business card with a QR code to hand to people that you network with. Sharing your link is the fastest and easiest way to show people your music.


Have a Niche– Find a way to stand out from the crowd by finding your niche. What makes your music unique? Find whatever it is and use that to build your marketing around it. Think about the audience that you are trying to reach. Are you a rock and roll guitarist? Are you a jazz saxophone player? Leverage the style of music that you play to your advantage. Knowing your genre also helps you to brand your music. By creating a personal brand, you can make yourself and your music more memorable to people. The more times they can interact with your content, the more likely they will be to remember it. However you decide to market, make sure to lean into your niche and your audience


Pitch to a Playlist Creator Spotify uses human playlist creators to build specialized playlists for listeners, and it even has a tool that can be used to pitch your music to a playlist creator before it is released. Take advantage of this tool to land a spot on a curated playlist! If you don’t get a spot the first time, don’t give up. Keep being persistent and you will have a chance at getting noticed.

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Use Spotify for Artists– Spotify has lots of built-in tools for you to grow your audience. This includes a tool to track your streams, a section that shows what else your listeners listen to, and a way to see what playlist your music has been added to. Knowing your stats will help you to figure out your next move in marketing your music. 


Don’t forget to Have Fun– You have learned some tips to help grow your audience and expand your Spotify listeners, but don’t forget to have fun and remember why you started. You love music and you want the world to hear what you have created. Keep creating and be your authentic self!   

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