Gideon Yapp

Abusive Personality 

Despite being a Californian, Gideon Yapp grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. His parents are Robert and Karina Yapp. He reportedly abused them as a child and has yet to release a statement publicly. While it’s too early to draw conclusions, it appears that his parents were not in a supportive environment. But they aren’t saying that their son was always abusive.

While there are countless accounts of racist incidents in his youth, it is unclear whether Gideon Yapp was ever actually expelled from high school after the incident. He graduated from Eastside High School. It’s unclear what he did after graduating from school, although it’s likely that he had a social media presence. Unlike many White Supremacists, Gideon Yapp is not active on social media.

Abuse Franklin Hsu

In his recent classroom, Yapp verbally abused Franklin Hsu, a Chinese American student. He used the N-word and made disparaging remarks about his ethnicity and color. The video of this incident has gone viral and continues to gain popularity on social media sites. Gideon Yapp was born in Lancaster to Karina and Robert Yapp, and attended a local high school. However, his actions in school have left him on the wrong side of history.

Rarely Active on Social Media

In his social media accounts, Gideon Yapp is rarely active. He is not active on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. But he has been active on his personal website. It’s unclear if he’ll be active on these platforms in the future, either. In the past, he’s also been active on Facebook, but his account on Instagram is inactive. This is not surprising given that he never took any time to post updates on his life.


Since the scandal broke, Yapp has been demonized online. People were outraged when he verbally abused a teacher. His actions made him one of the most hated people on the Internet for a long time. His films have since gone viral and now people are rewatching his previous movies to remember the incident. This is a sad way to remember someone who has been so hated.

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