How to create a festive feeling on your staycation

The festive season is well and truly upon us, so how can we bottle that feeling up and take it on a winter staycation? We’re about to tell you how…

Whether you’re off to a rented cabin, static caravan, or your very own holiday home here in the UK, we wanted to show you just a few ways you can unpack the festive feeling.

So, if you’re ready to find out how to experience some of the best Christmas breaks UK, read on…

The Christmas scents

There’s nothing better than the scents you inhale around this time of year, whether that be of freshly baked mince pies or the smell of a real Christmas tree. Smells help to create not only the Christmas feel but a cosy, warm atmosphere too.

An easy way to add this to your accommodation this festive season is to use a reed diffuser. You can place these all over your home away from home to help create a cosy, relaxed vibe. 

Will you be opting for a festive-scented reed diffuser?

The Christmas feels

Wrapping yourself up in a cosy blanket is one way to feel Christmassy, especially if in front of an open fire with your loved ones.

Not only does a blanket or throw add comfort to a staycation, but it also helps add a Christmas feel to the decoration of a room. Your blanket or throw could be Christmas red, forest green, or have a festive pattern stitched into it.

The Christmas tastes

Christmas is a time when we all gather with friends and family and share a few festive snacks or meals, so why shouldn’t you bring this to your staycation?

In the local stores, you’ll find a whole aisle or two dedicated to festive treats, snacks and more. Whether you’re a sweet or savoury person, there’s something for everyone in the festive food section.

You could go one step further on your staycation and bake a few Christmassy sweet treats like gingerbread or mince pies – this doesn’t just double up as a treat for all to eat, but also a great way to occupy the kids and show them how their favourite Christmas treats are made.

Not only this, but the aromas will fill your accommodation too, adding an additional touch of Christmas to your home away from home.

The Christmas sights

We all have that one  Christmas movie we have to watch every year to signify the official start of the festive season. So why not pack it up with you and enjoy your annual tradition in the comfort of a cabin or home away from home?

Make it a Christmas movie night to remember with festive snacks, a cosy Christmas blanket and some mood lighting or an open fire burning (if your accommodation has this option available of course).

However you decide to add a touch of Christmas magic to your staycation, may it be merry and bright for all.

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