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5 Creative Tips on How to Organize Your Closet and Your Home with Lifewit

Your closet is your lifestyle sanctuary. It is the place where you meet your different personalities along with tons of varieties of clothes, accessories, bags, belts, caps, and whatnot for different moods, different seasons, different occasions, and so on. That’s why, when it comes to organizing your closet, it becomes a challenge that you always want to avoid.

However, your closet needs proper organization in order to make you the best version of yourself, and in this guide, we will share the top 5 creative tips on your closet organization and some incredible life hacks to make your closet and your home look incredibly organized and well maintained. Let’s get started.

1. Simplify

Here is the first and most important tip for organizing your closet, room, or even your entire home – simplify everything.

According to the rule of thumb, if you haven’t worn something in over a year – just donate it. We know it sounds dreadful but no matter how much you like to “not give your favorite clothes away”, it would feel good to donate them to someone needy and will also give you space in your closet (for buying new items, maybe).

So, stop holding onto stuff that you don’t wear and declutter your clothes, shoes, and accessories that you have been storing for “maybe one day.”

You can also take those good clothes to a local consignment shop to cash in some extra bucks or throw them in the trash if they appear beyond repair or completely out of style.

2. Maximize your space.

Even if you can’t increase the size of your home, you can easily maximize its space using a few simple home organization hacks. The best one of them is – hooks.

Hooks are the cheapest and most convenient methods to expand the storage capacity of your closet. You can attach them anywhere and hang your clothes, belts, hats, necklaces, or other items except woolen sweaters. They keep your items from being left on the floor or chair and allow them a deserved space in your closet.

You can also enhance your home’s space by getting high-quality clothes storage organizers such as Lifewit Large Capacity Clothes Storage Bag Organizer. This non-woven fabric and PVC bag comes with a reinforced handle, two layers of strong fabric, and superior load-bearing capability.

Maximize your space

Maximize your space

Each bag measures 60 x 43 x 35 cm and possesses a 90L storage capacity. The best part is you can use them for a number of purposes such as a closet or cloakroom, for your university dormitory, attic, bedroom, etc., and store your clothes, comforters, blankets, bedding, etc, in them.

As they are fully foldable, you can simply fold and put them in your drawers when not in use. Lastly, they come with a sturdy stainless steel zipper and possess a smart window to let you see the inside items. Life’s made easy!

3. Invest in Closet Organizers

If you are really really willing to organize your home, then investing in closet organizers is highly recommended.

Lifewit 25 PCS Clear Plastic Drawer Organizer Set is an excellent collection for those looking for the best home organizing items on the market. This stunning group has 25 storage bins/trays in 4 different sizes 3″ x 3″ x 2.1″ (8pcs), 6″ x 3″ x 2.1″ (8pcs), 9″ x 3″ x 2.1″ (6pcs), 9″ x 6″ x 2.1″ (3pcs). So, buying just one set allows you to store all your items like sundries, makeup, pins, jewelry, and stationery in a neat and organized way.

Invest in Closet Organizers

Invest in Closet Organizers

You can customize the 4 size trays in your own ways and use them just the way you prefer. They are absolutely transparent as crystal and can easily mix and match with the rest of your drawers, also allowing you to get whatever you want in no time. And finally, they are super easy to clean and a simple wipe can make them look gorgeous as ever.

4. Focus on Accessibility

The whole purpose of organizing your items is to make everything looks maintained and easily accessible to you.

When you have a disorganized closet, you tend to repeat the clothes that are placed on the top shelves or that are visible on the top. However, an accurate organization makes everything accessible according to the frequency of use and gives you options in your own closet that you were previously unaware of.

So, place the items that you wear most frequently such as your shorts, and tops in the most visible area. Likewise, layer in items and accessories that you don’t wear much often such as your winter coats in the bottom sections of the closet.

Or you can get Lifewit Drawer Underwear Organizer and get a permanent solution for storing and accessing your undergarments in one place. This innovative underwear organizer has 4 different size of storage boxes that consists of a 6-compartment underwear/panties organizer, a 7-compartment bra organizer, a 24-compartment sock organizer, and an 8-compartment scarf organizer. Plus, there are two stand-alone compartments for storing other items of your choice.

Focus on Accessibility

Focus on Accessibility1


The best part about the setup is its simple open and zip-up design that allows you to instantly get whatever you want to wear or keep inside. Another handy characteristic of this modular design is that it lets you freely combine and mix multiple boxes and make use of your complete drawer space.

Furthermore, the boxes are made of long-lasting 80g non-woven fabric and possess high-quality dust, moisture, and tear resistance. Plus, their high-density 1.8mm PP cardboard inserts on the sidewalls make them resistant to bending, deformation, or breaking. In short, this effective pack can keep your clothing smartly organized, fresh, and odorless.

5. Store items vertically to maximize closet space.

Keeping your items vertically can surprisingly add more space and accessibility to your home.

So, try adding some extra shelves to your closets or your bedrooms or kitchen. This will give you a remarkable space for storing those extra jars, extra jeans, sweaters, handbags, or rows of your shoes.

Additionally, you can use acrylic shelf dividers to keep stacks of folded jeans or sweaters from rolling over.

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