How To Pack and Move Your Expensive Art Collection In Central Melbourne?

Moving is something that almost every family in Melbourne experiences at least once in their lifetime. During this time, people require extra attention to handling all their expensive things including art collections. Some art pieces will be the ones that are either in the family for many generations or are designed with specially carved frames. Hence, shifting them with utmost care should be the top priority while relocating from one location to another in Melbourne.

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Transporting the Expensive Art Collections

Here are some tips on how to transport expensive art collections from one location to another in Central Melbourne, Australia.

. Get All The Right Supplies

The first step to understand while transporting the artwork from one location to another is to gather all required items. The items include markers, boxes of the right shapes for packing the art pieces, and other such requirements as bubble wraps, air-filled packets, and so on.

. Segregate The Art Pieces With Glass Frames

Some art pieces are designed with delicate or even breakable glasses. Such pieces require special care during their transportation. Such pieces should be segregated from the other art pieces so that you can separately pack them inside sturdy boxes. Do not forget to make these boxes with an “X” symbol.

. Label The Boxes

The art pieces are not all the same. Some pieces will have breakable glass frames, whereas some will be designed with beautiful wood frames. You can pack them separately so that you can ship them easily without causing any damage to the external frame. Do not forget to make the boxes differently at your convenience.

. Position The Pieces Systematically

Not all art pieces are of the same sizes and dimensions. Some will be of bigger sizes, whereas some will be of smaller yet elegant shapes. While positioning such pieces inside the box, you should use a strategic way of packing. The same goes for loading the boxes too. Place the boxes in such a way that they do not fit forcefully, as this can damage the art pieces.

. Seal The Boxes Perfectly

While sealing the boxes after the placement of art pieces, you should use extra strong adhesive tapes. Such tapes will keep the box safely packed and also intact till you reopen them to remove the art pieces.

Last, but not least, you should always leave the work to the professionals if you feel like you are not up for the task. The art pieces will cost you thousands to millions of dollars, and you will not like to damage them during the relocation to Central Melbourne. Hence, it is best to let the professionals take it from there till the pieces reach their new address.

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