Why Are Plunge Pools Perfect For Any Bowen Backyard?

Plunge pools are small-sized swimming pools that are made from the same quality materials like any full-sized pool is, and offer the same swimming experience. usually, plunge pools are about 4x5x2 in size, but of course, you can get customization as per your requirements. In simple words, if your Bowen house has a small backyard, a plunge pool will perfectly fit in the space.

Why Consider Adding A Plunge Pool In Your Backyard?

Most homeowners prefer plunge pools because of their compact size, but the list of benefits of plunge pools doesn’t end there. If you want to have a new swimming pool installed in your Bowen backyard, it is recommended you consider plunge pools. Also, you can get a quote from Self Smart Cleaning Pools, and install a self-cleaning pool compared to a normal one. They are the most perfect swimming pool builders in Queensland.

Top 5 Benefits Of Plunge Pools

1. Cost Effective

When it comes to adding anything new to the house, every homeowner considers their budget. Well, you will be happy to know that installing a plunge pool is not as expensive as installing a full-size pool. However, many factors will determine the final cost of installation, but an in-ground pool usually costs around $13,000.

2. Easy To Install

Since plunge pools are smaller in size and thereby much more manageable, the installation process is much easier. Of course, you will have to get some excavation work done if you want an in-ground pool. Nevertheless, if you are getting an over-the-ground pool, it will be installed faster.

3. Less Maintenance And Running Cost

Maintaining a swimming pool is not easy. It will take effort, time, and money. However, plunge pools are easier to maintain since they are small in size. Besides, if you opt for a self-cleaning fiberglass plunge pool you need not worry at all. Furthermore, even the running cost is less. Due to the small size of the pool, the power required for filtration is reduced and even the cost of heating the pool is less.

4. Health Benefits

Water-based activities are suitable for almost anyone. It does not only improve your physical health but even your mental health. Just by spending a few minutes in water, you can increase your blood circulation by many folds. Also, if maintaining a gym routine is not your cup of tea, gentle water exercises can give you good enough results.

5. Decreased Stress Levels

There is no doubt about the fact that spending time in the water is super relaxing, and your plunge pool can give you that relaxation. Plunge pools have built-in seating and so you can simply sit in the water and unwind.

Lastly, even keep in mind that by adding a pool to the back or front yard, you will be increasing the overall beauty of your property. A swimming pool is a much-appreciated feature, and surely it will add value to your property. So, what are you waiting for, get a plunge pool installed soon and enjoy all the benefits that come along.

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