How to Recover Data from Crashed MacBook Pro?


The MacBook Pro may crash or become unresponsive due to quite a few reasons, software update incompatibility, boot-up issues, and heavy workload, just to name a few. You’ll find it unable to approach the data at that time. What can be done to recover data from crashed MacBook Pro? This post covers three possible ways, ranging from the easiest to the most complicated solution, to save your precious data.

Three ways to restore data from dead Mac

Though data recovery from an unbootable Mac is a bit difficult indeed, there are several ways to do it. Below list three possible solutions to dead Mac data recovery. Let’s start with the easiest and most effective one.

Solution 1: Use professional data recovery software

Frankly speaking, the most effective and quickest way to recover data from a crashed Mac is to use qualified data recovery software, such as iBoysoft Data Recovery. Read on to know what it’s capable of.

  • High success rate. Data recovery from a crashed Mac is quite a challenge and only expertized data recovery tool can manage that with profound results. iBoysoft endeavors to maintain as high as 99% recovery success rate.
  • Easy to operate. There are some free ways to recover data, nevertheless, they are usually complicated and require solid background knowledge about computers or coding.
  • Clean and safe. You’ll never worry about malware attacks or data breaches when using iBoysoft Data Recovery. This tool is completely secure and trusted by users all the time.

The only downside of deploying a data recovery application is that it might cost you a little fortune, though it’s totally worth it.

Solution 2: Recover data from the dead hard drive on a new Mac

This method is quite challenging and complicated for normal users, therefore, handle it with caution. You’ll prepare these stuff before starting, a dead Mac hard drive, an external hard drive enclosure, a connection cable, and a new functional Mac. The whole procedure goes as the following.

  • Remove the crashed Mac hard drive by following official instructions from Apple.
  • Put the dead hard drive into an external hard drive enclosure after it’s removed from your Mac.
  • Connect the enclosure with a healthy Mac via the cable.
  • Check if the hard drive works well on the new Mac model.

It’s possible that the drive works well on another Mac device, in that case, you can access the data within and read-write to it with ease.

Solution 3: Create a bootable USB drive to recover data from a dead Mac

If you intend to recover data from the original MacBook Pro, there’s actually a way to do that, though it’s complicated and time-consuming. You have to create a bootable installer and restore the data from the dead Mac. You are required to have another Mac that is in a good condition, a USB drive that has a large capacity, and a cable.

  • Go to App Store and download the official macOS version without further installation on the healthy Mac device.
  • Plug the USB drive into the Mac and this makes it a bootable installer.
  • Launch Terminal and type in the following command based on the specific version of macOS you are running.

For macOS Big Sur:

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Big\ –volume /Volumes/MyVolume

for macOS Catalina:

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ –volume /Volumes/MyVolume

  • Now the bootable USB drive is well prepared, switch it to the dead MacBook Pro.
  • Start over the Mac while holding the Option key, and release the key when the startup disk option shows up.
  • Choose the external drive as the startup disk and click Restart.

After successfully booting up the crashed MacBook Pro, you can go check if you can see anything in the dead hard drive. Unfortunately, according to the feedback from users who have tried this method, the result might not be what you expect and it turns out that using professional data recovery software is the optimal way to recover data from dead MacBook Pro.

FAQs about data recovery from dead MacBook Pro

  • Can I recover deleted data from a dead MacBook Pro?

As long as the data is not overwritten by new bytes, yes. However, if you keep writing to the disk after the system crashes, data recovery might become impossible.

  • Can I recover data from a dead MacBook Pro if it’s physically damaged?

That depends on how badly it is damaged. For micro corruption, local data recovery experts may help you out, but if the drive is smashed to pieces, no one can guarantee the data can remain untouched.

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