How To Save And Autofill Password in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome has a built-in password manager that works across all of your devices. Automatically logging into certain websites is a breeze using Google’s built-in password manager, and you can choose which passwords to keep.

Automatic backups and insightful analysis tools should be used to safeguard all devices from ransomware, viruses, and data loss. Here is how to save and autofill password using Google Chrome and DualSafe Password Manager.

A Quick Guide on How to Utilize the Google Password Manager

  1. In Chrome, open the menu by clicking the three dots, then select Settings > Autofill > Passwords.
  2. Decide if you want Chrome to remember your passwords and log into websites automatically in the password manager.

Learn the Ins and Outs of the Google Chrome Password Manager

No third-party add-ons or apps are required to manage your passwords in your browser effectively. You can remember passwords, have Chrome auto-log you into your favorite websites and apps, and even check the security of your saved passwords using Chrome’s built-in password management capabilities. If you don’t want Chrome to ask to remember your credentials every time you log in, or if you don’t want to constantly log in to regularly used accounts, DualSafe Password Management is an excellent tool at your disposal.

How Google Chrome’s Built-in Password Manager Works?

In order to create a secure password vault in Google Chrome, please follow these directions.

Step 1: Launch Chrome and select the “More” menu from the menu bar. The next step is to click “Settings.”

Step 2: Navigate to Google’s password management by selecting “Autofill” and “Passwords” from the settings menu on the left.

Google Chrome: Settings menu, “Autofill”, “Passwords”

Under “Autofill,” select “Passwords” to enter the password manager.

Step 3: Customize the password settings to suit your requirements. For starters, you may tell Google Chrome to remember your login information the next time you visit a website by checking the box labeled “Offer to save passwords.”

Step 4: Chrome’s “Auto Sign-in” feature lets you skip entering your login information every time you visit a site where you’ve already stored your password. Put the blue toggle into its “on” position to proceed. If you prefer to be prompted for a password every time you launch Chrome, toggle this setting off.

If you enable “Auto Sign-in” in Chrome, the browser will remember your login information and fill it in for you the next time you visit the site.

Step 5: Chrome allows you to check previously saved passwords for optimal password strength and other modern security criteria using the “Check passwords” option.

Step 6: Click “Saved Passwords” to get a list of all the passwords you’ve stored in Chrome. You can modify or delete previously stored passwords and websites at any time.

Step 7: Enter the required URLs under “Never Saved” if you want to save passwords but exclude particular websites from this feature. This is strongly suggested for passwords to highly secure accounts like bank and insurance policies.

You can prevent passwords from being saved for specific websites by selecting “Never Saved.”

Step 8: Turn on Chrome synchronization if you want to access your passwords from many devices. All of your passwords will be safely stored in one central location and synced across all of your devices connected to your Google account. Select the “You and Google” menu and then the “Turn on sync…” option.

Best Alternative to Google Chrome Password Manager

Aside from Google’s own password manager, third-party applications like DualSafe are available for managing and sharing passwords across many devices and users. Here are some salient features of  DualSafe Password Manager.

Save an Infinite Number of Passwords

Keep all passwords and account information secure. Logging into your online banking, shopping, work, social, and gaming accounts is simplified, and you no longer need to worry about forgetting your passwords and being locked out.

Autofill & Login into Accounts

Save time when signing up for a new service by having your details pre-filled. You can avoid using the keyboard entirely and finish in a few clicks. New messages, monetary transfers, and photo sharing can be done at any time or location.

Generate Secure Passwords

Generate strong, unique passwords and One-Time Passwords (OTPs) depending on a user-specified time interval in a flash. Weak passwords will no longer be the source of data leaks. The Internet is a secure place for you to share private information.

Password Management

Keep all of your passwords in sync with Chrome, Edge, Opera, and Brave with ease. Your account information is always current at home, in the office, or traveling.

How to use DualSafe Password Manager

Formatted for Windows Download

Downloading, installing, and using DualSafe Password Manager takes very little time. Honestly, that’s child’s play.

Free of Cost Registration

Sign up now for free access to an unlimited password manager. A credit card is not necessary.

Launch and Take Pleasure

Easily manage all of your accounts and passwords in one secure location. Get started immediately, simplifying and protecting your online life.


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