How Your Office Space Can Affect Your Productivity

Are you currently running your business from home and are struggling to be productive during working hours? This is something that is growing increasingly common as people become weary after the last few years. 

There is no doubt that working from home was a novelty at first. But, when reality sets in, you need to get on with your tasks. In particular, if you are running a business, you cannot afford to be unproductive.

A lot of people do not realise that their office space might be contributing to a lack of productivity. Here are reasons why this might be happening and what you can do about it before it is too late.

Merging Your Personal and Business Life

Yes, you may have complained about the long commute or having to travel for business. But, there was always one benefit from having business premises. You would have a separation between your personal and business life. This is something that a lot of people underestimated. Then work from home came along and played havoc with this concept. 

Having a separation between your business life and personal life is particularly important for business owners. You are dealing with a lot more stress and responsibilities than the average employee. So, this separation means that you can relax when you get home from work and you can recharge for the next day. But, when you are already at home, a lot of business owners find it difficult to switch off. In fact, they end up working at all hours. A lot of business owners have admitted that they find it difficult to leave work at the office when they are operating from their homes.

Is There a Solution? 

Know that you can make moves to separate your personal and business life. For instance, you can work in the office a few days a week. If you have given up your business premises, you can always use a virtual office space by W1 Virtual Office. A virtual office has many benefits for your business, such as giving you a professional address. But something we like about W1 Virtual Office is that they also have meeting rooms you can use. This means that on days when you do not want to work from home, you can use one.

Other Reasons for Lack of Productivity

There are also a variety of other reasons why you feel your productivity dipping when you are working from home. So, let’s take a look at other reasons and what you can do to change them.

Not Having a Professional Office Setup

Another reason that people see a dip in productivity when they work at home is that they do not actually have an office. They are guilty of setting up a desk in a living room or working from the kitchen table. While some people might work like this without a problem, most have to be in a working environment to get into the zone. So, the only way you can solve this one is to try and set up an area in your home that does not have so many distractions and that can feel like your own office.

Not Taking Regular Breaks

A lot of people report feeling guilty when they work from home. In other words, they feel like they always have to be working since they are getting the comfort of their own personal space. This is particularly true for business owners who want to be busy all the time. However, this type of mindset can be damaging. In particular, you can burn out and your productivity will drastically change. You have to make sure that you are taking regular breaks during the day. Taking time away from your desk is essential for making sure you get through your workload every day.

Having Clutter Everywhere

Did you know that clutter can make you feel stressed and this can affect your productivity? Keeping your workspace clean and tidy is a good way to make sure you are focused on the task at hand. It can make you feel anxious when things are lying around everywhere. So, make sure that you clean up your workspace every day. Remove any coffee cups, tidy away stationery and open a window. All of these things are going to keep your workspace fresh and clean ready to tackle the day. There will be nothing to distract you from your work during the working day too.

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