Huawei Band 6 – A Cool Flagship Bracelet

The new wearable device from Huawei is more like a watch, both in appearance and in a set of functions. And at the same time, it stands like a bracelet.

Fitness bracelets are good for everyone: small, light, inexpensive … One problem: popular classic models have too small a screen to fully use them. Want more? Buy smartwatches. At least, this is the logic that manufacturers had until recently.

But watches, as a rule, have a wider range of functions that not everyone needs. Therefore, Huawei decided to release a compromise option: a bracelet with a large screen and all the main functions. The result is Huawei Band 6 .

Design and screen

Huawei Band 6 received a 1.47-inch rectangular AMOLED screen. This is its main advantage over most of the popular bracelets. In fact, it is slightly larger than them, while smaller than the Huawei Watch Fit – a full-fledged smart watch in the same form factor.

The matrix has a resolution of 198×368 pixels, the brightness is quite enough even for a sunny day. Although there is no automatic adjustment, you can manually select one of five levels. To turn on the screen, you need to turn your hand or press the only button on the right side of the case.

The case, by the way, looks very stylish, albeit plastic. It is slightly curved to closely follow the curve of the wrist and is attached with a silicone strap. In our version, it is black, but if you wish, you can buy other colors separately.

Returning to the screen: it takes up a significant part of the front panel area, has a slight rounding at the edges (what we call 2.5D). The frames are rather thin, which is not typical for bracelets. The protective glass has a good oleophobic coating. Despite the fact that the screen is touch-sensitive and you often have to move your finger over it, the surface does not look stained.

Main functions

Huawei Band 6, of course, knows how to track activity – counting the number of steps taken, the duration of workouts, the number of calories burned …

All basic workouts (11 types) are already in the bracelet menu, but this list can be adjusted. It is enough to go to “Workouts” – “Widgets”, then press “+” and put a tick in front of the necessary items. A total of 96 training modes are available, including completely exotic ones such as “Belly dance”.

By the way, the bracelet is protected from water (according to official data, water resistance is 5 atm), so you can not only take a shower with it but also swim in the pool.

Other useful functions include the ability to monitor stress and oxygen content in the blood. Recall that stress measurement was recently available only in smartwatches – now also in a bracelet.

As for the oxygen content in the blood, we are not talking about a one-time measurement, but about constant monitoring throughout the day. In our coronavirus reality, this option is more than useful.

Traditionally, Huawei wearable devices use TrueSleep 2.0 technology for sleep monitoring. It has been tested using medical equipment and provides fairly accurate sleep phase data.

In addition, the gadget not only demonstrates charts and data in the Huawei Health app but also gives real recommendations on how to improve the quality of sleep.

Huawei Band 6
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Almost all functions can be controlled directly from the gadget, only some are accessible only from the application. To turn on the screen, as we have already noted, you need to press a mechanical button. It also returns you to the main screen if you are navigating the menu. For all other actions, swipes are used.

Swiping up to open a list of notifications. Simply and easily! Swipes left and right allow you to cycle through widgets with readings of heart rate, stress level, activity. There is also a smartphone player control panel.

Swipe down opens a screen with information about the battery charge, buttons for turning on night mode, finding a smartphone, setting an alarm and accessing settings.


Significant battery life is another big plus for the Huawei Band 6. While the top models of smartwatches require connecting to the outlet after 2-3 days, the new bracelet has an autonomy of about 2 weeks. If you turn on everything you can (constant monitoring of sleep, stress, and oxygen content), the operating time will decrease slightly, but in any case, it is not less than 10 days.

Bottom line: what’s interesting about the Huawei Band 6?

The cost of a new bracelet is $50. For this money, the user gets a gadget with a large and bright screen, on which it is very convenient to read notifications, a set of all basic functions and an enviable autonomy. At the same time, the Band 6 looks so stylish that it will suit both a sports uniform and a solid suit. So Huawei’s experiment with the creation of a universal device that combines the advantages of smartwatches and fitness bracelets is a success.

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