In the Digital Era, Are Court Reporters Obsolete?

Technology has evolved and is different from what it was a few years ago. There have been countless inventions that help improve the quality of life for people. However, some suggest that this has unintended side effects. Many professions such as court reporter Boca Raton and other jobs are now at risk of digital replacement.

Truthfully, it’s hard to deny how big of an impact the innovation of today’s technology has on daily tasks. Activities that usually take long like operating machinery and moving large stocks in warehouses now only need a moment. It does help the company but it has an even bigger risk, making the employees obsolete.

Though many would argue that some jobs are not suitable for artificial intelligence or computer software. The decision-making of humans is far superior. Furthermore, humans are capable of discerning emotion and empathy. Something that technology has yet to imitate. Court reporter Boca Raton employees are a good example, here’s why.

Court Reporters Are Certified And Licensed

Unlike any computer technology, court reporters undergo rigorous training and get certified. In legal proceedings, this is a must to ensure that everything is transparent and professional. Both parties will feel much safer knowing that there is a human recording everything word for word. Additionally, there is the risk of the software being breached.

These certificates are essential in a courtroom setting as everything being discussed is sensitive information. Not anyone can just waltz in to listen and record whatever is going on in the room. A certified court reporter Boca Raton employee or any court reporter will have the necessary skills for the job.

As a court reporter, your job is to transcribe the information accurately and in a timely manner. Most stenographers studied for over two years (depending on their program) to acquire the skills they need. Thus the skills that they learned in school are more than enough in a courtroom setting.

Court Reporting Technology Has Not Caught Up

Court Reporting Technology

Unlike other industries where technology has surpassed the efficiency of human effort, it’s the other way around for court reporting. Multiple studies have shown that new technology still has some room for improvement. Furthermore, assistive devices still need a human to operate them should the need arise.

If said technology still needs someone to operate them then there’s no reason to replace a certified court reporter. The traditional way of recording conversations works and there’s no need to change it for now.

 Any change made to the current state of court reporting may be counterintuitive. Apparently, there’s no need to upgrade. If the process still requires humans to transcribe certain words, then it should follow that they are not obsolete.

Especially so if there are words that new technology can’t quite understand. Humans can use context clues to determine a word even if they have difficulty understanding different accents. In some cases, every daywork-related people have trouble speaking clearly. What lawyers usually do is ask them to say it again so a stenographer can record it properly.

Speed of automated machines vs court reporters

It is difficult to compare digital forms of court reporting vs the traditional way. This is due to the fact that there is little technology to compare it to. While other industries seem to embrace the change in workplace dynamics, court reporting has stood its ground. That’s partly because there is nothing to change.

The speed of the technology available today is no different than that of an average licensed court reporter. Court reporter Boca Raton’s website boasts 30 years of experience. That means that apart from professionalism, those who hire them can expect quick reporters. Moreover, humans are able to fill up paperwork faster.

There’s no need to increase speed in terms of recording information as the current speed is enough for legal teams. If there’s any change to be done, they would probably want to focus more on accuracy rather than speed. Remember that court reporters spend two to four years in school to master this skill, excluding the time they spend out of school.

The Benefits Of The Digital Era

Digital Era

The advancement of technology is not without its fair share of benefits. In other industries, technology has had a hand in the efficiency of production. This is evident in many factories where thousands of products are created every day by robots with minimal supervision. Furthermore, these robots can be cost-effective for a company.

The assembly line at a factory is a good example of how technology can help speed up production. The machinery is equipped with precision point software so every move it makes is exact. There is significantly less error compared to humans. As a result, more companies are beginning to incorporate automated machines in their factories.

Another added benefit of digital technology is the safety of workers. With the machinery in the frontlines, there is less risk for work-related injury. This obviously doesn’t apply for court reporter Boca Raton or any other reporters from other places. So it’s safe to assume that court reporting is alive and well.

The Need For Court Reporters

So the question still stands, are court reporters still in demand? The short answer is yes. In fact, the majority of the courtroom still prefer human stenographers rather than fully automated machines. This comes as no surprise because of the possible inaccuracy when it comes to automatic devices. Most professionals would rather work with real people.

As stated earlier, these automatic machines can sometimes fail to detect certain accents. That can be troublesome later on as the information recorded may be deemed false or inaccurate. This is a very common scenario in a courtroom. Humans however can understand hard words if they listen to the entire sentence. 

Until such time digital machines can keep up, courtrooms are going to keep using human stenographers over automated ones. Courts usually go for experienced Court reporter Boca Raton employees. That or any other accredited reporter is still the top choice in legal proceedings and it’s not going to change anytime soon.


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