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Ruby has been known for being the “King of Gems” for a long. It is one of four precious gemstones, including diamond, sapphire, and emerald, and has a hardness second only to the diamond.

Ruby is July’s birthstone. It has also been traditionally used for 40th-anniversary celebrations. Its stunning hue, strong symbolism, and durability make it one of the most exciting gemstones.

Let’s look at the history and tips for wearing ruby jewelry.

Ruby Birthstone History & Meaning

Ruby faceted beads are the most precious of all corundum minerals. Fine rubies are rarer than diamonds and more valuable than sapphires. Ruby was first discovered in India around 2,000 years ago. It has always been associated with power, love, and victory. In Sanskrit, the word for ruby is ratnaraj. It is the “king of precious stones.” The color of blood, it symbolizes strength and protection. Numerous times in the Bible, rubies are mentioned. The gem is often called the most valuable of the 12 stones God created.

The gem’s power was believed to have helped ancient Hindus improve their physical and mental health. Medieval Europeans believed wearing rubies guaranteed success, love, and wealth. The European royals and the upper classes favored the ruby as a valuable gem.

Burmese people gave Queen Elizabeth 96 rubies to protect her against 96 diseases. The Queen received a stunning custom tiara from Burmese rubies and diamonds in 1973.

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is the legendary source of the most stunning rubies. Burmese rubies can be found in estate jewelry, but they are not allowed to be imported into the United States under the Block Burmese Jade Act of 2008. Today, rubies can be found in Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Mozambique.

You might have heard the term “pigeon blood” rubies. The richest-colored rubies are medium-red with a slight purple tone. These rubies are considered the most desirable in Burma.

Like some sapphires and rubies, there is a phenomenon called asterism. They have a six-rayed star. When light hits the gemstone, the atoms and titanium of the ruby crystal form stars. These gems are cut in the cabochon fashion, which is a round surface that does not have facets. According to ancient people, wearing a star ruby as a pendant or on the head would make enemies lose their power. Rarely will a ruby have a double asterism, a twelve-point star with a double point.

One of the most famous pieces of popular culture is Dorothy’s ruby slippers from 1939’s The Wizard of Oz. Harry Winston designed a pair of real ruby slippers to celebrate the 50th anniversary. They were adorned with 1,350 carats of rubies and 50 carats of diamonds. These slippers are valued at a staggering $3 million.

Ruby Birthstone Cleaning And Care

Ruby is highly durable and rugged. It has a Mohs Hardness Scale 9 rating. It is perfect for everyday wear, engagement rings, and other mountings subject to daily wear. To make rubies more purple than red, they are heat-treated. This is a permanent and time-honored treatment. Glass-filled rubies of a lower quality are available. They are more susceptible to damage. To gently clean ruby jewelry, use warm water and mild soap.

Ultrasonic machines can be used to clean rubies that aren’t glass-filled. If unsure if your ruby was treated, you can use warm soapy water to clean it.

Tips To Buy Ruby Jewelry

  • The most vivid red stone is the best. A clear ruby with a slightly purplish tint is more desirable than an orangey-purplish color. A ruby with many inclusions may appear dull, pinkish, or opaque.
  • Search for high-quality rubies. The gemstone’s light emits a beautiful glow. The most expensive of all rubies, untreated ruby can be up to ten times more than a heated one. Rarely are the finest-quality rubies available in larger sizes than 1 carat. Although synthetic rubies share the same chemical composition and color as natural rubies, they are not as captivating as genuine rubies.
  • You can choose any color of metal you like. Ruby was traditionally set in yellow gold. This tends to compliment the brilliant color and reduce purple tones. The vibrant, rich red gem looks fantastic in a setting of platinum or white gold with diamonds.
  • Rubies make great gifts for birthdays or anniversaries. Ruby birthstone rings are a wonderful gift for someone with a July birthday. For a 40th anniversary gift, rubies can be very meaningful. It is the second most important milestone (after the 25th), so Ruby’s 40th wedding anniversary presents are significant.

How To Wear Ruby Jewelry

Ruby is prized for its brilliant red color. It’s a durable gemstone that makes it great for jewelry, especially rings that commemorate significant events. Because of its true red color, ruby looks great as a pendant or earrings. You can choose simple pendants or stud earrings with ruby for a modern look. The lacy filigree look with ruby is perfect for those who love vintage styling. A stunning look when paired with rubies is yellow gold with vintage details.

An anniversary band, next to the wedding band and engagement ring, or as a right-hand ring, a ruby ring is possible. You can choose a style that features rubies set in a channel setting or a style with prong-set diamonds and rubies. A ruby with a large center gemstone can be placed in prongs or a bezel with the choice of diamonds. A more straightforward design can be used, in which the ruby is set flush or in a bezel with no diamonds.

Rugged ruby beads on a narrow strand with metal beads or not is a fun and fashionable option. This style gives the ruby a more rustic, pinkish-red look. The overall look is casual and artsy and has a more flattering shape than the round beads.

You can also wear rubies for men! The classic style for men is the large oval- or cushion-shaped created ruby in yellow gold. You can achieve the look you want by getting a larger-sized created ruby for a lower price.

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