Make Review Management Software A Part of Your Marketing Strategy

A positive brand image can do wonders! It can undoubtedly influence consumers’ minds to buy a product from any business. Nowadays, brands are known for their value and reputation, which is why building a positive image is more important than ever. Your business reputation depends upon social media and online review sites hugely. Customers usually read online reviews before acquiring a local service these days. Therefore, review management is now a vital part of internet marketing strategy. Brand reputation management monitors how consumers perceive your business and improve the brand image precisely.

Review management is centered around marketing automation software, social media tools, and Google. The first impression of your business influences someone’s decision to purchase from you or not. Great reviews are a significant driver of revenue and growth. On the other hand, negative ones can damage sales and customer retention. However, this will also help you learn about customers’ behavior and how to meet their needs better. 

Fortunately, there is plenty of marketing automation software for reputation management today! You can implement them to protect your brand in 2022. This blog will give you a clear overview of brand reputation management and high-quality tools to supplement your process:

Brand Review Management V/S Brand Safety: What’s The Difference?

Reputation management may feel like a daunting task when so much is out of your control. This is a continuous process because you have to stay at the top of your brand’s public perception and address situations that are damaging your name. Positive reputation = loyal customers! Recent research done by the Internet Advertising Bureau shows that brand safety makes sure advertisements’ content shared by brands is accurate and not associated with customers’ opinions. Due to some concepts, brand safety falls into reputation management. In fact, 79% of people say user-generated content (UGC) highly impacts customer purchasing decisions!

Taking a scenario that risks brand safety is correct ad placement. But IAB recommends purchasing ad space from trusted publishers. Otherwise, consumers may find it offensive or distrust the brand. Now in another scenario, you want your advertisement to be relevant. What if the customer clicks on an ad for a new blanket and is led to your content which is totally unrelated to his search? Won’t that be malicious advertising? These risk review management and safety of customers as well. Brand safety goes along with reputation; your business must be protected from outside sources. Ensure the audience is protected from malicious business practices, so they don’t lose any money or get exposed to offensive things. All in all, brand safety is a part of brand review management. You have to ensure consumers don’t feel deceived by your brand or distrust your products.

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Why is Band Reputation Marketing Automation Software Important?

More than 82% of customers read online reviews before opting for a local product or service. Undoubtedly, review management is crucial. The fact that 9 out of 10 people read reviews before purchasing a skin care product makes it even more important. Neglecting marketing automation software would be a mistake. Negative reviews will affect your business badly at a certain point in time. Having a review management strategy avoids this situation and helps you negative or fake reviews to respond accordingly before anything goes out of hand. 

Identify key review sites– The most critical and influential thing in review management is to identify the review sites. Please make sure they are relevant to your industry so that customers looking at them can see what you have to offer. Sites like Google and Yelp are best for most businesses. Search for all review networks> If any website has little influence and barely any reviews, that will not be a platform to prioritize.

Claim your business on your preferred site– The major step is the selection of sites. Now that you have selected one make sure you have authority over your business page. The process can be different for different sites. After you’ve identified the website, create a review management strategy now. Manage reviews when they come in and respond to them quickly. 

Here are some questions to consider when creating your review marketing strategy:

  • How many members of your team will review each website?
  • How often will they review these sites?
  • What reviews will be responded to?
  • Will they check them every day, twice weekly, or once weekly?

Learn to identify fake reviews– You want to ensure that you focus on those who have the most potential. Aim to select the good ones to reflect positively on your business. Also, publicly responding to negative reviews and giving solutions can make your experience with customers better. Not every customer will be satisfied but allow yourself to learn from that and implement changes. Some reviews display negativity and should be removed. 

Leverage marketing automation software tool– As your team will be monitoring review management strategy on multiple platforms, it will help if you automate the marketing automation tools. These tools allow you to aggregate your reviews in one platform and view everything simultaneously. Then, at last, execute your review management strategy in one dashboard and discuss high-quality options.

Marketing Automation Software That You Need To Keep An Eye On!

Tools can ease your whole marketing process and accurately decide the review management process. Take a look at these top tools and include them in your plan today! 

Yext- This review management tool helps businesses manage their online reviews across many platforms, including Google, Facebook, etc., all with a single dashboard. You will get notified whenever a review is posted so that you can stay updated about customers’ views and take control of every situation easily.

Review Trackers– It allows you to monitor the reviews from more than 100 sites in an aggregate platform. You can get a complete overview of consumers’ thoughts with Review Trackers.  You can assign individual reviews here to particular people on your team. Share reviews that are on high priority and respond to them with your brand guidelines.

Podium- This marketing automation software manages reviews from all your preferred sites and industry-specific pages. You will receive notifications whenever a new review is left on your page, and you can quickly check them up. Deal with the negative ones and appreciate the positive ones. This tool also provides competitor benchmark data to see if your ratings fare against competitors and identify the possible areas of improvement. 

BirdEye- This tool aggregates reviews from your preferred sites and other 150+ different platforms as well. BirdEye makes sure you get a comprehensive understanding of everything that is said online. Here you can organize reviews in custom fields such s regions, products, rating numbers, etc. This will help you understand how are the areas of your business performing. You can create a comprehensive strategy.

Note- The prices are not mentioned here, you can check the individual price budget of tool online.

Review Management for Businesses

Every business must implement a reputation management strategy! The first step should be for your brand’s presence to be taken online, and your channels must ls reflect your current imagery, messaging, and values. Always carefully check the descriptions, mission statements, logos, and other aspects. Regular audits should be done with marketing automation software where your logo or brand should be used. Hope you find this blog helpful, and in case of queries, let us know further in the comment section!

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