On The Cheap: Top Tips for Making the Most of Online Sales

Every year as the seasons begin to change, and new collections appear on the catwalks, something exciting begins to happen online: seasonal sales. There are online sales throughout the year for various reasons, but the sales that occur when we move from one season to the next are the best and most bountiful. 

If you have a good idea of your style and fashion preferences and don’t set all your store by passing trends, you can come out of a seasonal sale with high-quality but low-cost items that you know will be waiting for you when summer or winter comes around again. When you stumble upon the next womens designer sunglasses sale or find a bathing suit on sale for a fraction of the price (even though you’re heading into winter), you can purchase those items knowing you’ll still love them once the time to wear them rolls around.

You must keep a few things in mind when you prepare for, or chance upon, an exciting clothing or shoe sale. If you keep your head and have these need-to-know tips firmly embedded in your mind when the time comes, you’ll be able to make the most of the short time you have to shop these incredible deals without suffering from buyer’s remorse afterward. These are our top tips to help you shop sales the sensible way.

Budget, budget, budget

If you know that one of your favourite brands or stores is having a big sale. You can set a budget, putting aside a certain amount of money or credit and not spending more than that. A good budgeting strategy is to look at the total prices of some items you want that may be on sale and subtract whatever the sale discount percentage will be. This will give you an idea of how much you want to spend, so you can see if your budget allows for that or can be reworked. You might have to make cuts, but that’s life. Sticking to your budget means you are shopping responsibly and won’t encounter any unforeseen circumstances when paying your bills. A new pair of Jimmy Choos is a want. But paying for your water, lights, and food comes first!

Of course, there are sales you may chance upon and need help planning for. If there is room in your monthly budget, go ahead and shop. If not, you’ll need to evaluate the purchase you want to make. If it is necessary and practical to make the sacrifice in the budget to buy it on sale, go ahead. Be honest with yourself and try to measure the cost per wear of the item (break down the item’s price into how many wears you think you’re likely to get out of it) and see if it balances with the value the item holds for you.

Plan your attack

Look at what is on offer and compare it with a list of things you need to add to your wardrobe or wants. If you can fill empty slots in your closet at a reasonable price before focusing on things you may wish to have but don’t desperately need, you will be shopping sensibly.

If the sale you are going to be shopping for is announced ahead of time, you can browse through the site and see what you want to get an idea of cost, options, and quantity. If you think the sale will be a feeding frenzy, open each item’s page in a new tab ahead of time and refresh that tab as soon as the sale goes live. You’ll have everything out in front of you to keep track of.

If you happen upon a sale you didn’t know was on, throw everything you want into your card rather than taking the time to decide on each item before adding it. Take note of how long items stay in your cart and make your cuts from there.

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Keep your head

Now we know it can be overwhelming to find all your favourite high heels on sale in one place. We know it can be a challenge not to go crazy and buy everything you lay your eyes on, but you can do it! If you keep your head when shopping for a sale, you’ll stay within your budget and only get things you really love and know you will use. Be practical and only buy something that you know will work with the rest of your wardrobe. Those special statement pieces defy all logic, but you know you have to have them: these are allowable occasionally, as long as you adore them.

Check all the info

Before you hit “checkout” on your cart, check the returns policy carefully. Some sales allow for returns, some allow for returns or exchanges, and some allow for neither. You want to know your options if an item does not fit or is an unexpected colour, for example. Checking all the info goes double for information on the garment or shoes. Be sure of the colour, be sure of the measurements, be sure of the fabric or materials, and how to care for them.

Image by Ivan Samkov via Pexels

Remember all these tips when shopping for the big sales this year. If you do, you can make the most of them. Shopping online sales can be an excellent way to get your hands on pieces you’ve been dying to own for a while, but often at a fraction of the cost. If you watch newsletters from your favourite brands, you might get early access to sales and get in on the action before everyone else! Keep your eyes on the prize, and you’ll be a sales shopping wizard in no time.


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