The Most Popular Frameworks You Should Pay Attention To

Many areas of development have their own popular frameworks that belong to different programming languages. It is pointless to choose the most popular frameworks of all because different frameworks can do diametrically opposite things, and they cannot be compared.

But you can identify popular frameworks from any one niche, you can also highlight the most popular frameworks of any one programming language. If you are interested in Laravel or .NET software development services, this article is for you. 

Most Popular Frameworks

Today, there are about 9,000 programming languages. However, only a few dozen or hundreds of languages are popular with developers. Many of these programming languages have multiple frameworks.

Any framework gives some unique properties to the programming language on which it is based. As a rule, the language itself does not have these properties. Extending the capabilities of the language with the help of frameworks is very noticeable in JavaScript. Initially, this language was used only in web development and nowhere else, because no one but browsers understood this language. But the developers did not like this, and therefore JS frameworks were developed that allow the use of this language:

  • in web development, but in an improved form;
  • when developing mobile applications;
  • when working with the server part of the programs;
  • to work with big data;

Let’s see what popular frameworks various programming languages have.

Popular Python Frameworks

Python is a very powerful and widely used programming language. However, it is actively used with other tools – libraries, and frameworks, which expand its capabilities and make it easier to work with this language.

  1. Django. It is one of the most popular Python frameworks used in web development.
  2. Bottle. It is a small Python framework with a primary focus on web API development.
  3. Pyramid. Another framework focused on web application development.
  4. Web2Py. A cross-platform framework that allows you to create cool applications.
  5. TurboGears. Quite a popular tool for creating commercial applications.

Popular PHP Frameworks

PHP is one of the most popular languages that are used when interacting with databases. Today, about 80% of all sites in the world use PHP in one form or another. All of its most popular frameworks, in principle, perform the same functions, but with different approaches, different speeds, and different properties.

  1. Laravel. A friendly framework for beginners who decide to learn the backend.
  2. Yii framework. A popular PHP framework that perfectly copes with the backend of highly loaded applications.
  3. CodeIgniter. A PHP framework that allows you to quickly and easily deploy an application, and then scale it to the desired size.

Symfony. One of the very first tools to extend PHP’s capabilities; this solution is characterized by high performance and a large number of native extensions.

  1. Cake PHP. A tool that distinguishes itself from others by its own style and code elegance.

Popular Java Frameworks

Almost every Internet user knows what Java is. Java is one of the most significant and popular programming languages of our time. It is not easy, but it is used almost everywhere. Most Android applications are written in Java, it is actively used when working with servers, artificial intelligence, in-game development, smart home systems, and in other areas.

Java during its existence has gathered around itself just a huge number of libraries and frameworks. Here are just a few of the most popular Java frameworks:

  1. Grails. A web application development tool that is perfectly compatible with all Java libraries.
  2. Spring. This is a very voluminous framework, which contains a large number of various extensions inside. It is ideal for building heavy and complex business applications.
  3. Vaadin. A framework that will help you develop a web application or a simple website.
  4. LibGDX. It is a cross-platform framework for the development of video games and virtual reality.
  5. JSF. A tool for developing server components of various software products.

Popular CSS Frameworks

CSS is a style sheet that defines the look and feel of websites. On the one hand, it seems that there is nothing to improve in CSS. But CSS frameworks have proven otherwise — deploying a responsive site is pretty easy with them.

  1. Bootstrap. It is one of the most popular CSS frameworks. It has many ready-made templates for site elements.
  2. Skeleton. A framework based on CSS and JavaScript that allows you to quickly create a responsive website.
  3. Kube. If the first two frameworks limit the developer to their 12-column grid, then this tool gives the developer complete freedom.
  4. Base. A simple and reliable tool for creating mobile and websites.
  5. Picnic CSS. Everything you need to create a website is in this lightweight tool.

Popular JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript is the king of web development. Almost any animation that is on a modern site is made using JavaScript.

  1. React.js Today it is the most popular JavaScript framework that is used to create the front-end of web resources. React itself has also gathered additional extensions around itself. For example, there is React Native for developing mobile applications.
  2. Angular.js. It is a powerful and handy tool for developing web applications. It is used by giants such as Google and YouTube.
  3. Vue.js. Another interesting and popular web application development framework that interacts very easily with many JS libraries.
  4. Node.js A very popular tool for developing back-end applications.
  5. Meteor. A tool that allows you to develop applications for various operating systems, including Android and iOS.

Final Thoughts

The choice of frameworks is an individual process, and there is no universal solution for all cases. You will have to make a decision based on the specific needs of your project. If you have a development team, take into account their experience and knowledge. If you already have a specific technology stack that the team knows well, then it might make more sense to choose a framework that matches those technologies. If you are looking for a .NET software development services provider, we recommend that you contact the experienced developer company Digiteum. Having turned to the Digiteum team, you can rest assured that the services in .NET software development will be provided with special care.


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