The Professional World Of Business Plan

The professional world of business plan writing has been evolving rapidly in recent years. With 5 million new businesses introduced in 2022 in the U.S., there is an increased need for business plans that tell the story behind the product or service as the business is introduced. Although there are many business plans that can be formulated in-house, a business plan consultant is primarily engaged when the business plan is highly-detailed or complex. Business plan consultants offer a valued niche in a professional industry, however, the relevant marketing strategies required by consultants in all fields still need to be set in place. For this reason, the following strategies are offered as effective tools to motivate new clients, while presenting the skills of a business plan consultant.

In order to optimize marketing efforts, a study of the target audience for consultancy services can be conducted. Perform research on the type of client likely to engage with the service and determine the demographic image of the average potential client: age, profession, complexity of business needs, average socioeconomic levels, etc. This image will help inform the marketing strategies to follow and set a path forward for the success of the targeted plan.

In addition, the direct competitors within the region should be analyzed to indicate the services offered, pricing models, and any unique or special value offered. This effort will reveal ways in which your marketing strategies can overcome competitors to gain the client.

After analyzing the target audience and competitors, it’s time to compose the marketing strategies that will bring the clients to your door. Consider the following:

Personal Offers

Of course, as a consultant, you’ll want to arrange as many professional meetings with business owners and other executives as possible. The one-on-one presentation of your services is the best form of marketing, as questions can be discussed and relevant information offered. As a  business plan consultant, you’ll also be in an excellent position to offer advice that indicates a personal level of knowledge and capability, which will motivate potential clients to engage your services. Use customer relationship management (CRM) software to track and take care of tasks such as invoicing, customer questions, and other customer-related needs.

Speaking Engagements

With a healthy degree of business acumen, offering your services as a speaker at industry events or professional gatherings is another way to market your business plan consultancy. The engagement that precedes and follows speaking allows for conversations with numerous potential clients.

Develop an Interactive Website

Most searches for business plan consultants commence and end online; creating a website that markets the business plan consultancy with purpose and SEO optimization will bring well-executed offers to potential clients. Use the website to offer a question-and-answer blog, make industry announcements and use seamless links to create a pleasurable experience for potential clients. Offer a button “Request a Meeting” and have the designer upload new website images frequently. The idea is to present a fresh, vibrant website for the business plan consultancy.  Use the website as your calling card, respond to client inquiries, and continuously respond to any reviews posted.

Offer Video Consulting

Many potential clients do not have time for meeting in-person; accommodate them by offering a package of video consulting sessions that will enable you to create the draft business plan with the specific requirements requested and met.

Create Social Opportunities

Inviting several associates or professionals from various industries to a casual gathering promotes conversations, invites questions, and engages relationships that grow into business. Use a “wine and cheese” appetizer party, a “tacos and tequila” pool party, or other themed gathering to turn acquaintances into friends. Such gatherings create a serious degree of business opportunity when planned and hosted well. Use the services of an event venue, if desired, or select a caterer to serve. In any event, use a bartender for service and offer guests special amenities upon departure. Such touches make an excellent impression.

Sponsor High School Teams

High school teams need all the donations they can get; sponsoring a sports team, chess team, or volleyball team will garner attention from the spectators and build relationships within your community.

As can be observed in the above options to market strategically, the professional business plan consultant has the greatest opportunities to grow business by personal interactions and building relationships with others. By analyzing customers and competitors, engaging in speaking activities, marketing special offers and building community well-being by sponsoring, you’ll see the results of your marketing strategies in the responses you’ll receive and the new business growth developed. We wish you the best success!

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