The Right Tools for a Landscaper

Becoming a landscaper is a rewarding career. There’s always demand for landscaping work, giving you a steady income. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the mental health benefits of working outdoors around nature rather than in an office. However, you’ll need the right tools to perform. Read on to find out the tools you’ll need.


There are some tools that you simply won’t be able to work without as a landscaper. For a start, there’s your safety equipment. You can’t always avoid accidents, but by wearing PPE you can limit the damage. As such, head protection, gloves, durable overalls, a respirator and sturdy boots are all crucial.
At the same time, there are practical tools that you won’t be able to conduct landscaping without. A retractable knife and twine are useful in any situation when you’re working with greenery. Meanwhile, extension leads are necessary to allow you to use power tools far away from the mains. Finally, you’ll also need foam pads when you’re landscaping – this is a strenuous career, and foam pads can offer comfort when you’re working from the floor.

Handheld tools

The bulk of your work as a landscaper will be conducted with handheld tools. By purchasing the right equipment – and by caring for them well – you can use these tools across your entire landscaping career without needing an upgrade.
For a start, there are the long-handled tools. Your spade, shovel, fork, rake and pruners will all be used regularly. But there are also short-handled tools that you should strongly consider purchasing too. A trowel, secateurs and a hand cultivator can all help you carry out more precise tasks in the garden. By combining long-handled and short-handled tools, you should have most of your bases covered.

Power tools

Ultimately, though, if you’re running a landscaping business, you’ll need to get through work quickly, efficiently and accurately. The best way to achieve this is through power tools. There are plenty that can help with lawn maintenance: the lawn mower, leaf blower and grass trimmer are all vital. Beyond this, you’ll need a cordless chainsaw to quickly cut through the branches to quickly cut through the branches of bushes and trees. On top of this, a hedge trimmer, edger and tiller are more specialist pieces of equipment, but they can certainly help you out of a tight spot during your landscaping career.
The diverse array of tools you’ll need as a landscaper can be overwhelming. But by considering the type of work you’ll be carrying out and by exploring the list above, you should be set to build your collection and take the first steps towards becoming a landscaper.


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