Tips For Preserving Treasured Memories

We’re all sentimental creatures at heart, aren’t we? Your home’s storage space is likely packed with technically redundant items that you’re still compelled to keep, from old photographs to clothes and items that you used to keep in your bedroom, but have slowly fallen out of use. But it’s a shame for these memories to be stored away, there for you to walk down memory lane whenever you drop the hatch to your attic space. Instead, here are some tips to preserve and appreciate treasured memories without shutting them away in boxes.


You can frame a photograph or a painting that was done at school for less than $30 online. This is a wonderful way to display something that means the world to you – and yet may have been languishing in your storage space for far too long. If you don’t have a great deal on your walls at present, framing your treasured belongings is a great way to give your rooms a sense of personality and sentimentality, helping you make your home feel more homely. You can even frame less 2D things – like medals you one won, or t-shirts you once wore.


While we’re on the topic of t-shirts, there’s another great way to have them preserved and displayed at the very same time. All the t-shirts that you’ve kept over the years – be they from sports clubs, activities, vacations or school events – can be tightly woven into a blanket for you to use and to display a patchwork of all those memories you haven’t wanted to let go of. The t-shirt blanket company will get this made for you in no time – it’s a great gift, or a great way to make the most of your t-shirt memories.


If you’re a photo hoarder, you likely have hundreds, if not thousands, that you’ve kept on a hard drive or printed and put in a box in your storage space. But why should they live there? Why shouldn’t you display them across your home? If the answer’s because there are far too many of them, then perhaps you’ve not come across the digital photo display. Scrolling every 10 seconds or so through a library of your favorite photos, you can hang one of these on the wall to show off your hundreds of memories all through the year – all in one simple frame.

Get Creative

The final option leaves the details to you. The key thing to remember about your treasured memories is that they will only truly stay alive if you’re interacting with them on a regular basis. That means that you should pick through your memory box to see whether you can repurpose anything creatively to meet your current needs. The t-shirt blanket may be one option – keeping you warm and cosy in a bed of memories – but, so too might be reusing an old trophy to keep your keys in, or using an old medal as a paperweight. Getting your memories out in the open will ultimately help preserve them for longer.

Treasure your memories for the long-term with these four tips outlined above.


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