Top Cryptocurrency Podcasts for 2022

Information technologies have evolved tremendously over the years. You no longer have to wait for your show to go on air, as you can simply replay episodes, binge watch, listen to online radio and connect with your favourite artists on social media. Among the favourite formats for many people stand podcasts. 

Podcasts allow people to discuss different topics and share their experiences or insights. These topics include personal experiences, music tastes, politics, business… and cryptocurrency trading.

Being able to weigh your investment options and share your thoughts with just a push of a button and an appropriate device is more than convenient for traders. 

You’ll be surprised by the number of crypto channels on different topics – from trading tips to top exchanges. To give you an idea, we’ve compiled some of the top cryptocurrency podcasts for last year. 

1. The Crypto Conversation by Andy Pickering

This podcast is part of the Brave New Coin’s project. Most shows are driven by analysis and data and focus on predictions and speculations, allowing users to learn how the cryptocurrency sector behaves and how to understand and forecast specific changes.

Andy Pickering does not do all the talking here; he usually invites guests over – either an expert or someone with credible trading experience. Andy would also ask questions or share insights that most traders find curious.

2. Zero Knowledge by Anna Rose

Zero Knowledge is named after the Zero-Knowledge proof protocol, a method of proving a statement is true. This protocol is one of the core elements of cryptography verification. The name perfectly matches the type of content that the podcaster, Anna Rose, and her guests offer. Anna tackles micro-features of cryptocurrency, including updates, systematic problems, and privacy. Plus, their conversations are helpful for newbies as they consist of a mixture of data, facts and educated opinions.

In fact, such in-depth information can help traders find reliable tools and trading platforms. Among the various available online platforms, it’s worth mentioning as it’s one of the fastest and user-friendly ways to join the crypto space and connect with a broker.

3. The Pomp Podcast by Anthony Pompliano

While it’s normal for podcasters to invite guests and let them share their opinions, this podcast is truly exceptional! Anthony Pompliano makes a podcast solely based on his guests’ views and knowledge of cryptocurrency, which is excellent to listen to because a specific topic gets explored through different approaches and points of view.

That’s right! What makes this podcast great is its acceptance of a wide range of perspectives from different people – from high-profile CEOs to self-made millionaire traders who share their experiences and tips. So, if you’re interested in what successful crypto investors have to say, you should give this podcast a go. 

4. What Bitcoin Did by Peter McCormack

This is one of the top-performing podcast shows and is a great learning source as it talks about Bitcoin and how it works, and why it is relevant in today’s economy. This podcast includes educational content presented in an engaging way by Peter and his guests. 

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Newbies love the fact that the conversations included are easy to understand, giving them some comfort while listening. 

5. Stephen Livera Podcast by Stephen Livera

Stephen Livera Podcast, which aired its first episode in 2018, focuses on Bitcoin and everything about it, making this a favourite podcast of Bitcoin enthusiasts. Users would surely learn useful information since Stephen tackles the technical aspects of Bitcoin, including lighting network, software, energy consumption, and more. 

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The factors that comprise a good podcast are consistency in tone and precision of opinions, and this podcast is definitely one of the top tech programmes. 

While the rankings are yet to be compiled, we guarantee that the top podcasts described for this year can be highly engaging and helpful. 

In the end, while many podcasts can be a good source of information, always consider the risks and do your own research before entering the crypto sector. 

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