Top Four Symptoms Of Balding

Baldness typically occurs when you lose hair at a faster rate than it can regrow. One of the prevalent causes of balding is hereditary hair loss. However, there are many other reasons that can result in it too.

If hair loss is temporary, then you can prevent it by managing it in a better way. That is why it is essential to catch it from an early stage. If you’re wondering how to do that, then don’t.

Here is what you need to know about it. Hair loss takes place in various ways. However, with these symptoms, you can catch the issue before it affects you severely:

Gradual Hair Thinning

This is the prevalent cause of balding, which occurs as you age. Thinning can affect either the crown of your head or your temples. This happens typically in men.

However, there is another thinning that takes place in all genders from the top of the head. This occurs gradually, so you may not realize it initially. But as time passes, you’ll notice a pattern in the receding of the hairline.

Typically, in men thinning results in an M-shaped pattern because hair loss from the two sides of the head occurs faster. Meanwhile, women may notice a broadening of the head parting.

Bald Or Patchy Spots

Many people experience temple bald spots each year due to a variety of reasons. Typically, medical disorders can result in their development. For example, alopecia is an autoimmune condition in which hair follicles are affected.

When you lose excessive hair from a particular head spot, you will experience an empty circular patch of the scalp in that region. Bald spots can develop on the head, eyebrows, and beard.

However, the good news is sometimes you can know when the bald spots start to develop. For example, your skin may become relatively itchier when hair from that region begins to fall. Unfortunately, sometimes it can be painful too.

Excessive Hair Comes Out On Various Occasions

This symptom is often experienced by people who have been in trauma or are facing it. Additionally, stress is a common cause of sudden excessive hair loss in various students and adults. This, of course, can be permanent or temporary.

Typically, you can diagnose yourself with excessive loss when you find many hairs on the hairbrush. You can also realize when a little tug can result in a handful of hair coming out.

Thinning Of Ponytail

This symptom is mainly for men and women with long hair. With time your hair can start to thin without realization. In some cases, your hairline may not recede visibly or fast enough.

So an alternative way to check for thinning is by taking a look at your ponytail. A loss of volume can be an indication of hair loss. If you have an eye for detail, you’ll be able to catch the symptom early.

Bottom Line

These are the top four symptoms of balding. By catching them early on, you can reduce the severity of hair loss. As a result, you may be able to prevent yourself from facing complete balding.

There are solutions to this such as minoxidil, finasteride and hair growth shampoos that contain biotin.


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