Virtual Phone Number With SMS: Solutions And Benefits

A virtual number (VN) is a solution that doesn’t require the need to purchase a SIM card or install an additional expensive device. It is available online and is suitable for completely different purposes: both to create a large call center and to quickly register on any site.

The virtual means work via the Internet and makes it easy to deal with incoming calls, receive SMS, register in instant messengers, etc.

Some people are wary of VNs, while others have never heard of them at all. There is nothing wrong with them. A mentioned number looks like a standard and habitual one that has the same code and set of digits. They are in no way inferior to ordinary stationary ones in terms of information transfer quality.

When Does It Make Sense To Use A VN?

  • The virtual phone number with SMS and calls is the perfect solution for those companies that operate in several regions at once. Renting numbers with different city codes is easier than registering landlines in each.
  • When a person does not want to register on social networks or on other sites using their data. It is quite possible to create a disposable phone number for registration.
  • The company employs several managers who constantly communicate with customers or a whole call center. The common number that customers can call should be the same but at the same time, it can be used by several people. The incoming call goes to the cloud PBX and then is forwarded to the VN free line.
  • There is a need to control call statistics and analyze conversations between managers and clients. Virtual PBX just allows you to do this. It becomes easy to listen in on telephone conversations, track the effectiveness of each specialist, and find growth points (for example, change sales scripts).
  • You just want to save time and money. A VN connection is usually easier and cheaper than a regular one.

All VNs can be globally divided into 2 categories: for communication (they are mainly used to create call centers and conversations with potential and real customers) and to receive SMS.

Who Uses Virtual Numbers To Receive SMS And Who Needs SMS Activation Services?

VNs for receiving SMS may be needed for users who want to register an account from a country where it is not available. Sometimes it happens that only users from a certain country can visit and register the website. It’s easy to use SMS services for registration to get around this limitation. Bloggers and SMM specialists also use the service to create many different accounts and get likes, followers, and comments. Of course, this is not the best way to promote but nevertheless, it exists.

Who Uses Virtual Numbers?

  • Persons who are worried about their personal data. You can use a VN for SMS if you need to register on some resource but you do not want to use your real phone for this.
  • Companies that are promoted through crowd marketing. This is a way in which a business seeks to increase its popularity on the Internet and uses customized reviews and comments to do this. You will need many different accounts to leave them and not arouse suspicion, so it’s recommended to use SMS activation services.

It’s recommended to pay attention to the Freezvon Company that offers solutions for both SMS and calls. The organization has clear cooperation conditions which are wholly presented on the site. Each interested client can contact managers both by phone and online to get more detailed information. It’s really easy to get the number for SMS and develop a productive mailing list to inform potential and existing customers about profitable offers.


  • There’s a possibility to buy a VN from any country. It can be a solution even with the US or China code.
  • Nice price. You can get acquainted with the financial moments due to the website.
  • Fast connection. A VN for receiving calls or SMS can be bought in a couple of minutes.
  • You get an opportunity to enter a new market without a big financial investment. A well-chosen code allows you to create the impression of a physical presence in the market and one region or another.
  • The installation process takes a few minutes and all the person has to do is download the required app.
  • Maintaining the anonymity of a personal mobile number.
  • Verifying a person’s identity without using a phone number.
  • Absolute independence from the network coverage area. The only thing that you have to take care of is a stable Internet connection.
  • The quality of service is really high, so the SMS will be sent and received immediately, without any timeouts.
  • You can choose any convenient payment method.
  • There’s no need for additional SIM cards.
  • It’s easy to automate work using the API.
  • You can get more attractive cooperation conditions when connecting a lot of numbers.

Freezvon Company Offers All The Above-mentioned Moments That Make It One Of The Most Reliable And Profitable.

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