What Are Call Tracking Metrics and Why Do They Matter?

Marketing techniques and tools are constantly improving, allowing brands to get more ideas for ad campaigns and unlock new opportunities for in-depth analysis. The latter is essential for businesses, enabling them to capture crucial customer data, recalibrate their marketing strategies, and significantly increase conversions.

There are many ways to perform such analysis today, but call tracking solutions show the best results. They are useful in helping to track crucial metrics, and these metrics provide insight into the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Armed with the complete guide to call tracking and information from this article, you’ll better understand what call tracking metrics are and why tracking them is essential for business growth.

Tracking Software & Call Tracking Metrics

An inbound call tracking system is key to success when it comes to the marketing campaigns you plan to launch. With new leads beginning the conversation, there’s no better way to capitalize on this momentum than by understanding how everything works from within.

What is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is the perfect way to ensure your leads never slip through the cracks. By utilizing unique phone numbers linked to specific landing pages or marketing channels, you can get comprehensive analytics on calls and determine which are most valuable for closing deals.

The data collected includes keywords used, call duration, and other important call tracking metrics that make it easier to identify high-quality leads and convert them into customers.

By diligently keeping track of call tracking analytics, brands can capitalize on customer conversion trends and ensure their marketing plan is always on peak-level performance. Tracking real-time communications helps to ensure that inbound calls become a consistent feature of the daily business landscape.

Why Are Calling Metrics Important?

The data obtained through call tracking software is the starting point for significant changes in how you promote your brand. You will understand where there are gaps and which channels work best. In addition, calling metrics will help you achieve several important goals.

Identifying the Most Effective Advertising Channels

Implementing a call tracking solution will help you identify campaigns that generate high conversion rates and traffic volumes. In addition, the received data will show which channels generate the highest and the lowest number of calls.

Once you see the difference, you can reallocate the budget by investing in more effective channels and campaigns. This way, you can avoid irrational expenses and invest only in effective product or brand promotions.

After all, part of the saved funds can be used for effective advertising campaigns, brand development, or other important purposes.

The statistics presented below demonstrate what indicators it is better to pay attention to.

Source: Superoffice

Improved Customer Interactions

With call tracking metrics, businesses can significantly improve the brand’s interaction with leads and prospects and increase the chances of their conversion into customers. 

Call tracking software makes capturing essential call data possible, including the call’s purpose and buying experience. This data can later be used to improve sales agents’ methods and techniques when communicating with potential customers. As a result, a personalized approach will incentivize more active implementation of target actions. 

Ultimately, call tracking will increase the retention rate and enhance customer experience.

Effective Customer Segmentation

Brands need more information to provide customers the best service and understand what they expect from a company. For example, it’s necessary to know which source was the stimulus for the call, the location of the caller, at what time of day the call was made, etc.

Call tracking metrics will help you get answers to all these questions, analyze the target audience, and segment it according to certain characteristics. For each group, you can develop an individual approach based on their request, contributing to a significant increase in conversion.

Increased Performance of Landing Pages

Call tracking for marketing analytics is necessary for companies utilizing numerous landing pages. In this case, call tracking metrics can help determine whether advertising channels are correctly configured for each resource.

After analyzing the data, you can conclude how effective the campaigns are and, if necessary, use the indicators to improve the methods of promoting landing pages. As a result, businesses boost conversion rates and ROI.

Turning Call Centers Into Revenue-generating Tools

Unfortunately, some companies view support services and call centers as centers of irrational spending. This situation usually occurs because the management does not see their quantitative effectiveness. Utilizing call tracking and analytics and keeping tabs on essential call tracking metrics can turn things around.

With access to the calling metrics, brands can understand how many calls result in conversion and which agents need more training or achieve the most customer engagements. Combined with internal performance metrics, they enable brands to assess the real-time performance of call centers and, if necessary, optimize their work.

What Call Tracking Metrics Should Brands Focus On?

Call tracking software enables businesses to capture and analyze detailed customer data. Let’s look at the metrics most brands should track and focus on when running offline and online ad campaigns.

Metrics Detailed Description
Location & Time of Day This is another call tracking metric that helps to determine whether your strategy and campaigns require adjustments. In a nutshell, this metric helps to determine whether the surge of calls depends on the time of day or location of callers.
Call Volume With call tracking analytics and detailed reports on patterns in call volume for SEO & PPC changes and more general statistics like average hold time or sales conversion rate, it’s easy to separate successful ad campaigns from those that need improvement. An important caveat — although impressive volumes can be a great indicator, they aren’t necessarily indicative of quality leads.
Number of First-time Callers It helps to understand exactly which advertising channels contribute to receiving calls from potential customers. This metric helps with testing different approaches and campaigns and analyzing their results.
Average Duration of Calls Not all calls received by the company lead to conversion. However, the conversion often occurs when the phone conversation is long enough. With call analytics tracking, users can identify such calls,  measure their average duration, and determine which landing pages, keywords, ads, and campaigns contribute to high-intent calls.
Call-to-Conversion Rate Tracking this metric allows for determining how many leads become customers after making a call. If the call-to-conversion rate is high, it indicates the effectiveness of specific efforts and the call center’s performance.
PPC Campaign Performance As part of ad campaigns, landing pages typically offer two ways of contacting the company: a phone number and an online form. 

Without call tracking software, seeing all the interactions on the landing page and assessing their effectiveness is impossible. With access to call tracking metrics, you can get information about the pages that yield the desired results, including:

  • Generating more interest
  • Bringing in more quality leads
  • Improving engagement levels
  • Achieving high conversion rates

Track Important Indicators With the Help of Call Tracking Metrics

Call tracking metrics are an essential tool for almost any business. Whether it is a small team of 5-10 people or a large-scale project with a staff of about 100 employees, it does not matter. In any case, getting all the information and properly analyzing it is important. After all, it helps improve conversion rates, identify ineffective advertising channels, and improve the caller journey and the overall customer experience.

Undoubtedly, most consumers prefer phone communication to online chatting or emails. Even Google confirms this with research indicating that 70% of potential buyers using mobile phones periodically call companies that appear in search ads. That is why you should take advantage of the opportunity to make the most of each phone call, keep tabs on the essential metrics, and capitalize on the captured data.


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