What are hospitality businesses?

An accommodation company is a company that operates for the production and exchange of hospitality services by providing accommodation services with or without catering.

What are the accommodation companies?

The first group includes hotels, motels, hotel villages and tourist hotel residences. The second group includes: campsites, tourist villages, lodgings, landlords, holiday homes, hostels and mountain huts.

What does accommodation mean?

First of all, let’s define what an accommodation facility is. The receptive structures are activities that produce services for the hospitality with relative overnight stay. … There are usually three types of accommodation facilities: hotel, non-hotel and outdoor.

How are the services offered by hospitality businesses distinguished?

According to this article, four types can be distinguished:
  • hotel and non-hotel accommodation facilities;
  • non-hotel accommodation facilities;
  • outdoor accommodation facilities;
  • mere support accommodation facilities.

How are the accommodation facilities distinguished?

How tourist facilities are classified
  • Hotel and non-hotel accommodation facilities.
  • Non-hotel accommodation facilities.
  • Outdoor accommodation facilities.
  • Accommodation structures of mere support.

Related questions

What are the accommodation facilities?

Hotels, Motels, Tourist hotel residences (with complete and furnished housing units but with cleaning reception services, etc.) Diffused hotels (housing units spread throughout a territory but managed by a single entrepreneur.

How are the outbuildings classified?

In hotel accommodation facilities with several buildings, the following are distinguished: the main building, where the common room for the concierge service is located; the dépendance, a building with an independent entrance, consisting of one or more rooms for the overnight stay of tourists.

What is meant by non-hotel accommodation facilities?

Structures composed of rooms, with independent access, managed in a complementary way to the restaurant business by the same owner and in the same complex.

What are the categories of tourism?

It is defined: active tourism – that carried out by tourists. productive tourism – that of the operators who provide tourist services. passive tourism – that suffered by residents and the environment of tourist destinations.

What is a residence?

The Residences are accommodation complexes organized in furnished apartments, independent or belonging to the same structure (condominium style) equipped with centralized and common services.

How are accommodation facilities classified?

Based on the type of services offered, in Italy there is a classification of accommodation facilities which includes 4 categories: Hotel and non-hotel facilities. Non-hotel facilities. Outdoor accommodation facilities.

What is an Albergo Diffuso?

The widespread hotel is “a hotel accommodation company located in a village, made up of several houses, existing and close to each other, with unitary management and able to provide hotel services to all guests”.

What activities does tourism include?

The activities of the tourist services. … a) primary hospitality services (hotel and agritourism accommodation, hostels, landlords, hotel houses, etc.); b) ancillary services no less important than the former (catering, museums, parks, shows, entertainment, etc.);

What are the principles of responsible tourism?

Responsible Tourism unites social, sustainable and supportive souls to carry out a constant project of fair development of local communities, based on some fundamental principles: … environmental, cultural and identity SUSTAINABILITY. RESPECT for places, nature and people.

How can tourism be?

In short, we talk about tourism when we move from our usual place of residence to another and that there is at least one overnight stay. Tourism is a growing and fermenting phenomenon. You travel for different reasons and you can do different activities.

Which structures are part of the extra-hotel accommodation?

  • Country residences;
  • Holiday homes and apartments;
  • Holiday homes;
  • Religious hospitality houses
  • Study stay centers;
  • Children’s holiday centers;
  • Youth hostels;
  • Hiking and mountain refuges;

What are hotel accommodation companies and non-hotel accommodation companies?

They are hotel and non-hotel accommodation facilities:
  • the hotels;
  • the motels;
  • the hotel villages;
  • tourist hotel residences;
  • the diffused hotels;
  • the period hotel residences;
  • the bed and breakfast organized in an entrepreneurial form;
  • the health residences – beauty farm;

How does a landlord work?

A landlord is a structure consisting of no more than six rooms located in no more than two apartments in the same building in which accommodation and, possibly, complementary services are provided. Furthermore, each room must have an independent entrance and the apartment must be furnished.

What is the annexe for?

The dépendance (/ depãˈdãs /, from the French) or dependence is a minor building that serves as a complement to the main one, especially with reference to hotels, nursing homes and castles.

How much does it cost to build an outbuilding?

The cost for the construction of a 50sqm brick outbuilding varies between € 35,000 and € 60,000.

How are hotels classified in Italy?

* first category hotels: four stars; * second-class hotels and first-class pensions: three stars; * third-rate hotels and second-rate pensions: two stars; * fourth category hotels, third category pensions and inns: one star.

In which category of accommodation facilities does the agritourism fall?

96. The “accommodation in the field of agritourism”, as well as the accommodation activities in rural residences, located in manor houses or rural buildings, are classified as “non-hotel accommodation facilities” (art.

What do you need to open an Albergo Diffuso?

To set up this business, at least two buildings and seven rooms are needed: one of the buildings must be used as a main structure that serves as a reception where breakfast is usually served; the other houses where the rooms are located can be located at a maximum distance of 300 meters.

Which are the most popular hotels?

The 10 best scattered hotels in Italy
  • Sauris – Friuli Venezia Giulia.
  • Santo Stefano di Sessanio – Abruzzo.
  • Locorotondo – Puglia.
  • Ortignano Raggiolo – Tuscany.
  • Orosei – Sardinia.
  • Montescaglioso – Basilicata.
  • Porrona – Tuscany.
  • Colle d’Anchise – Molise.

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