What Design Choices Are Available for Japanese Tattoos?

A tattoo is any mark, word, figure, or pattern that is purposefully imprinted on the skin. It’s often irreversible, but fleeting options are available. Notably, many communities provide varying justifications for wearing tattoos. For example, the prints serve as a form of identification for some tribes, while in other communities, they symbolise status. Modern societies have also influenced the tattoo culture, and many people are donning the prints as a form of expression. Nonetheless, the art bears the same old motifs and serves similar functions.  

One of the most popular original tattoo designs is the Japanese style or Irezumi. Irezumi combines different motifs deeply rooted in Japanese culture. Moreover, the tattoo style has a long history that has seen it get mixed reactions over the years. Unfortunately, Irezumi was closely linked to criminal gangs in Japan. Although gang activities have gone down, the style still faces condemnation within the country. Nonetheless, the rest of the world has grown fond of the style, and many people wear the tattoo for its unique look and vast options. Some of the styles available for Japanese tattoos include the following listed here.

A gentle reminder though that these designs are more complicated so you have to think thoroughly about the factors of getting a tattoo since removal might be more difficult, although you can also opt for tattoo fading if you ever need to.

Geisha Tattoos

A geisha tattoo is a symbol of female strength. It represents beauty and intrigue. Moreover, the tattoo is a portrait piece often displaying geisha revealing her face through a cat mask or a fan. The tattoo also includes floral patterns on her headpiece or dress. 

Geisha is an iconic piece that has seen numerous adaptations that use different colours and themes. Nonetheless, it’s a great tattoo best printed on the arm, leg or back. It also needs an experienced hand to execute owing to the numerous details.  

Dragon Tattoo

Dragons are mythical creatures that represent benevolent power, strength, and wisdom. The intricate Japanese dragon tattoo is a beautiful work of art that has gained popularity worldwide. Aside from the fine line print, the light colour wash makes the tattoo unique and attractive. The dragon’s ferocious expression on the tattoo contrasts with the lovely flower patterns, which add a feminine touch. Choosing the flowers for your Japanese tattoo adds a personal touch that makes the overall piece unique. 

Turtle Tattoo

Turtle tattoos symbolise knowledge, tenacity, luck, and security in Japanese culture. Although a turtle has a classic look, the tattoo has some additional elements that make it distinct. The tattoo possesses roman numerals that make the shell’s rim resemble a clock and add a hint of mystery to the tattoo. Moreover, the details on the shell’s sutures bring life to the piece.

Crane Tattoo

Cranes represent endurance and wealth. The design has a captivating visual expression, including an open-winged crane standing on a pink lotus. Moreover, crane tattoos have intricate patterns and use dusk-inspired colours.

Samurai Tattoo

A samurai tattoo stands for honesty, esteem, loyalty, and bravery. The samurai warriors were known for their ferocity at war and kindness at home. Moreover, the life of the Samurai was one of the most revered and coveted. As a result, stunning tattoo designs were born to celebrate the warriors. The design is a singular work of art that combines vibrant colour schemes and unique forms.

Phoenix Tattoo

Although the phoenix has roots in Greek mythology, it has also been incorporated into various cultures. The tattoo represents immortality and reincarnation. The design includes a vivid colour scheme and traditional Japanese painting techniques.

Snake Tattoo

The Japanese snake tattoo is known to serve as a symbol of protection from misfortune and disease. Additionally, it can be interpreted as a sign of knowledge, luck, or change. The tattoo is captivating with its crimson chrysanthemums and the seductive black serpent.

Koi Tattoo

The koi fish is the only water creature that can swim upstream. As a result, the koi tattoo is known to stand for tenacity and development. The design also has a global fan base that stretches across cultures.

In conclusion, Japanese tattoos exist in unlimited designs. The final selection depends on an individual’s preferences. However, consulting an expert is the first step. A professional hand is sure to deliver stunning results.

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