What does Google know about me?


The amount of personal data that Google collects has long been an issue for privacy advocates, but the question arises what does Google know about me? The information Google collects will vary depending on the Google services you utilize, but you might be surprised by the sheer volume. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that Google is responsible for most ads you see based on your internet activities. And they’re no longer a search company but a tracking one instead. Therefore, this article will help you find out what Google knows about me. Let’s get started!

How does Google collect my data?

If you understand how Google collects your data, you will know what Google knows about you. Look at what Google has to offer, shall we?

Search Engine: Every time you use Google’s search engine, Google keeps a record of every search you’ve made on the internet. A lot of information can be found here on its own, but when combined with the following, it becomes even more comprehensive.

Google Chrome: Because of this, even if you didn’t find a particular website through a search, Chrome records every website you’ve ever visited.
YouTube: Your YouTube searches are tracked by Google, as is every video you’ve watched.
Maps: The navigational features of Google Maps give Google access to your current location and past navigational history.
Android: As a result, Google Maps and Waze may no longer be necessary because Google is already tracking your phone. Android also stores your text messages and app usage, so it knows all about the game addiction you had a few years ago.
Google’s Apps: Google apps or services are included in this list, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Photos and more.
These are the platforms that you visit most of the time, responsible for being tracked by Google. So, if you want to avoid collecting your privacy and data, you must use other private browsers, but they are also not as safer as VPN like Surfshark.

What information does Google have on me?

It’s comprehensible if you’re feeling a little exposed. When it comes to technology, we live in a world that is both exciting and frightening at the same time. As a result of this data tracking, you’ll see advertisements for products you’ve specifically sought out.
Moreover, Google also uses Android smartphone location data to estimate traffic conditions, so you’ll better know what to expect on your daily commute. Since this information is public, Google doesn’t keep it a secret. If you know where to start, you can access and download all your Google information.
However, the common source of being tracked by Google is the use of Google applications and services. As a result, there is the only way you can get rid of gathering personal information from Google; you have to use other private browsers or VPNs such as Surfshark.

Final Verdict

In summary, the information provided in the preceding guide is extremely helpful in determining what information Google has about you. So the most drastic measure you can take to limit or prevent Google from collecting information about you is to stop utilizing their products and services entirely.


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