What is the meaning of promoting?

To stimulate, to excite, to make something increase in intensity: p. perspiration, sweating; a drug that promotes vomiting. 3. To advance in the grade, in dignity, in the ladder of professional classification, in a hierarchy: p.

What is meant by the term promotion?

to. Act with which the passage to a degree, to a qualification, to a dignity higher than the one one has is conferred (or received): he has obtained the p. from lieutenant to captain; they gave him the p. to head of office; they proposed it for the p .; is still waiting for the p .; I am delighted with your promotion.

What does it mean to promote culture?

– Set of actions aimed at giving value to cultural heritage and promoting its potential, improving the conditions of knowledge and increasing its collective and individual use. According to the art.

What does it mean to repudiate a person?

of repudium “repudiation”] (I ripùdio, etc.). – 1. To reject a person who has a social or emotional bond with us, no longer wanting to recognize this bond as legally or sentimentally valid: a. the wife, the husband (v.

What promotes synonym?

to. [help to advance: p. science, culture] ≈ to support, encourage, encourage, encourage, patronize, protect, support, stimulate, support. ↔ oppose, oppose, hinder, oppose.

Related questions

What is the name of someone who promotes a product?

[who carries out promotional activities for a commercial product] ≈ promoter. 2. [who promotes an intellectual activity, an ideal and the like, or helps people who dedicate themselves to it: p. of freedom] ≈ friend, (joke)

What increases synonym?

to. [make larger in size or quantity: a. heritage, one’s own culture] ≈ increase, expand, expand, increase, enlarge, develop. ↔ decrease, impoverish, reduce.

What does it mean that Italy repudiates war?

The term “repudiation” and not “renunciation” of war also implies the condemnation of all war propaganda, of doctrines which exalt or justify war, and the condemnation of war, in particular of aggression, wherever this occurs.

Why does Italy repudiate war?

Italy repudiates war as an instrument of offense to the freedom of other peoples and as a means of resolving international disputes; it allows, on conditions of parity with other states, to the limitations of sovereignty necessary for an order that ensures peace and justice among nations; …

What does the non-repudiation of data provide?

Non-repudiation (also known by the English term non-repudiation) refers to the condition that the author of a declaration cannot deny the authorship and validity of the declaration itself.

What does it mean to promote science and technology?

Promoting science and technology means granting the freedom of research and dissemination; this part of the article thus expresses the need to defend both what constitutes a conquest of human creativity and freedom of speech.

How to enhance the cultural heritage?

111 of the Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape, the enhancement of cultural heritage is achieved through the “establishment and stable organization of resources, structures or networks, or in the provision of technical skills or financial or instrumental resources, aimed at the exercise of functions and …

What is enhancement?

Enhancement consists in the exercise of functions and in the regulation of activities aimed at promoting knowledge of the cultural heritage and ensuring the best conditions for public use and enjoyment of the heritage itself, including by people with disabilities, in order to …

What are the most used forms of promotion towards consumers?

Finally, just a hint of the promotional techniques adopted towards the sales staff; among the most common are prize operations, competitions between sales representatives, training courses, conventions and travel (see Incentives).

What are the promotion costs?

Advertising and propaganda expenses are those expenses related to advertising a company’s products and services.

What is a promotion for?

Promotion, in the language of marketing and business communication, indicates the incentive or stimulus that tends to make a service, product or idea known and appreciated.

In which article does Italy repudiate war?

The Constitution – Article 11 | Senate of the Republic.

What kind of war does Italy reject?

The law in question constitutionalizes the principle according to which Italy repudiates war in all its forms, referring mainly to offensive warfare, thus implicitly admitting defensive warfare, in the event of a military attack by a foreign force.

What do you think of Article 11 of the Constitution?

In article 11 of the Italian Constitution it is stated that our country, Italy, rejects war “as an instrument of offense” or as a means of resolving disputes, therefore it does not allow attacking another people, but it is only allowed for defense.

What does Article 13 of the Italian Constitution say?

Art. 13. Personal freedom is inviolable. No form of detention, inspection or personal search is allowed, nor any other restriction of personal freedom, except by reasoned act of the judicial authority and only in the cases and methods provided for by law.

What does Article 12 of the Italian Constitution say?

Art. 12. The flag of the Republic is the Italian tricolor: green, white and red, with three vertical bands of equal size.

What does Article 21 of the Italian Constitution say?

Everyone has the right to freely express their thoughts in speech, writing and any other means of dissemination. The press cannot be subject to authorization or censorship.

What is the opposite of increase?

of assets] ≈ growth, expansion, expansion, increase, enlargement, development. ↔ decline, decrease, reduction.

What makes synonymous grow?

Other synonyms: increase, rise, mount, sprout, thrive, develop, swell, vegetate, enlarge, dilate.

What passes synonym?

Other synonyms: lead, run, transfer, pour, run, pass, resolve, cross, transmigrate.

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