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Where does Ted Nugent live? You may be curious about the famous rock guitarist. His current home in Los Angeles is a perfect place to catch his concerts. His hometown is a quiet suburb of San Francisco. He enjoys hanging out with his fans and making new friends. If you’re looking for an interesting place to visit, consider checking out his website. You can also check out his social media accounts to keep up with his latest happenings.

House in Crawford 

Where does Ted Nugent live? The musician currently lives in Crawford, Texas. He moved to this town about 18 months ago, and recently obtained a driver’s license in the state. In addition to living in a rural area, he enjoys hunting and fishing. This makes his house in Crawford an excellent choice for a new adventure. And while he’s enjoying the outdoors, there are still plenty of things to do in Crawford.

Originally He is from Michigan

Originally from Michigan, Ted Nugent moved to Texas in 2005. He plans to get a driver’s license in his new home state soon. The singer and his wife have a new dog, and have a beautiful ranch in Crawford. He notes that the hunting in this area is great. And he’ll continue to make music while living in this region. So, where does TED NUGER live?


A former Texas governor, Nugent is an enthusiastic supporter of President Bush, and even writes for the Texas fish and game department’s publication. He has also launched a “Hunters for the Hungry” program in which he and his wife deliver game to the needy. During his holidays, he has visited his Michigan home and remodeled it for upcoming concerts. The tour dates for his new show will be announced soon.


According to, Ted Nugent is a resident of Detroit, Michigan. He was born in a small neighborhood near the river. This neighborhood is home to a number of animals and was where he grew up. It was also near the Rouge River. In the past, he was convicted of anti-Semitism and other crimes against minorities, but he has since moved on to a new home.


Among his properties, Nugent owns a fruit farm. The farm was established in 1918, and is located south of Benzonia. It is a scenic location. In addition to his fruit farm, he has a 340-acre hunting ranch in Jackson County. The ranch is home to exotic animals and buffaloes. So, it’s not surprising that the rocker would spend much time on his ranch, especially during the holidays.

300 acres Ranch 

In addition to his Waco, Texas home, Ted Nugent also owns 300 acres of land in western Jackson County. He uses this land to hunt and to perform concerts. His home has become a popular attraction among fans of the singer. But it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for a place to relax, he also owns a ranch in the suburbs of Austin, California.


Theodore Anthony Nugent is an American rock musician and activist. He has his Instagram profile Ted Nugent (@tednugentofficial)  with 457K fan following. Currently he is 73 years old. He had 2 marriages and 5 children. Some of his famous songs include “Fred Bear”,” Cat Scratch Fever” and many more.

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