who is the speaker of the mending wall

“Who is the speaker of the mending wall?” is a short story written by Robert Frost. It follows a practical man who is irritated by his neighbor’s stone wall. The speaker has a good sense of humor, and he tries to persuade his neighbor to think twice about tearing down his wall. Despite his irritation, the speaker’s wry wit and thoughtfulness help him get through this difficult situation.

The first line of the poem, “Who is the speaker of the mending wall?” creates a sense of mystery and contrast. The speaker suggests that a wall is something nature does not like. It is a metaphor for an unintentionally broken or damaged wall. It also shows the power of words and their ability to affect our perception of reality. It is a clever metaphor, and it works in many ways.

The poem “Who is the speaker of the mending wall?” is an example of the author’s interest in poetry, which is evident in his poetry publication. He writes in blank verse about a rural neighborhood. The speaker and his neighbor are walking along a wall, and one of them is a progressive individual who questions the necessity of the wall. The other neighbor is more traditional, and he tells him that a good fence makes a good neighbor.

The “Mending Wall” is a story that celebrates the process of mending. It depicts a man who uses his imagination to play with the world and ride it, rather than being shocked by it. The story tells us that walls are not the only things that need mending. They are often not a good thing. The speaker says that a wall doesn’t love nature, but a wall is the only way the speaker can make his vision come to life.

The Mending Wall is a story that takes place between two neighbors. The speaker is a progressive, and he questions the need for the wall in his community. The neighbor beyond the hill is a traditionalist, but he tries to convince him to rethink the decision. The tone of the poem is angry and satirical. In the poem, the narrator is a pacifier.

The author of the poem is not Shakespeare. It is a story about two neighbors who share ideas and interact. The walls in the story are not only physical, but also metaphorical. A wall can make a person feel isolated and unwelcome. In the poem, the narrator is angry, but the poet is unnamed. The character has no name. But the narrator isn’t the writer.

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