Why do you require Office 365 Backup for your Business?

While many organizations don’t have to think twice about protecting on-premises data, several don’t realize that they still require to protect their Cloud data, like data from Microsoft Office 365. Hosted in the Cloud, companies can get the most up-to-date versions of Microsoft Office Suite, OneDrive, and mobile apps. This allows users to access data on Cloud PC Services and edit documents anywhere, at any time, on any device. Office 365 is an example of Software as a Service, but many SaaS applications have no data protection capabilities.

Backing up Office 365 is Your Responsibility

Most businesses use Office 365 because it allows them to work remotely at any time without having to host files, email, or other data. Microsoft takes on the part of updating applications and infrastructure, but your business is accountable for backing up its critical business data, including data in O365 applications. Email, Images, spreadsheets, presentations, and important documents that are important to your business functions should be backed up to the Cloud for several reasons:

  1. Accidental deletion of essential documents
  2. Legal and compliance: access email mailbox data in the case of legal action or meeting compliance needs.
  3. Retention policies specific to your association
  4. Syncing up those users on O365 and those still on Microsoft Exchange

Accidental deletion of the investor’s presentation that required input from all departments on OneDrive could be permanent if your business hasn’t backed up Office 365 to the Cloud. Companies can mitigate these risks by backing up their data in a cloud environment. O365 Backup Services apprehend a point-in-time duplicate of a database, file, or the entire data on the computer system and inscribe the data into a subordinate storing device. That way, users can easily retrieve it in times to come. This indicates that any data that is deleted accidentally can quickly be retrieved. 

Benefits of Office 365 Backup

  1. Office 365 Backups Provide Protection Against Accidental Data Deletion 
  2. Office 365 Backups Help Fill in Retention Gaps 
  3. Backups Offer Security from The Dangers of Internal Threats 
  4. Backups Offer Protection Against the Failures Caused by External Threats 
  5. Office 365 Backups Help with Managing Legal and Compliance Requirements 
  6. Backups Mean You’re Able to Provide Adequate Support to Customers 
  7. Backups Help Your MSP Save Cash 
  8. Proper Backup Can Also Help Your MSP Save Time and Effort 

Why choose App4Rent for Office 365 backup?

Apps4Rent’s Cloud backup solution for Office 365 offers an easy way to protect your data. Flexibly Backup and restore mailboxes, calendars contacts tasks groups SharePoint sites discussion lists record libraries list contents of all files of OneDrive with just one click.

Apart from overcoming the Office 365 data protection limitations, you get the following benefits using Apps4Rent’s Cloud backup solution for Office 365.

  • Granular backup of Office 365 data
  • Recovery & restore the assurance
  • 24/7/365 monitoring & comprehensive reporting on your backups
  • Flexibility in recovery destination/user account
  • Web-based control of your operations
  • Options to keep local copies for faster recoveries
  • Microsoft Office 365 features several hidden gems that will allow you to work more effectively. With access to some of Microsoft Office 365’s lesser-known solutions, enjoy the advantages without worrying about lost information or security holes.


Office 365 backup has never been easier thanks to Platinum Partner, Apps4Rent. This solution provides the best backup services for O365, Microsoft OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft SharePoint. They even have expertise in providing notch-level Azure Backup Service and support to their clients, which makes them ideal partners to select for the service.

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