Is it too early to start preparing for Christmas?

For the real Christmas aficionados amongst us, it’s never too early to start preparing for Christmas. With just over two months to go until the big day, some of us are fully prepped. Christmas presents are already waiting patiently in cupboards, decorations are ready to be hung up and food lists have been written and are brimming with ideas and delicious recipes. 

If you feel particularly stressed about Christmas this year and are wondering when you’re going to fit all the little jobs in, there’s no harm in starting the preparations now. Here are a few examples on how to get ahead Boxing day deals online

Put a budget together

It’s more important than ever to create a budget and stick to it. With the cost-of-living crisis cramping household budgets, decide what you can afford early on so you are not tempted to panic overspend. Try and include everything you think you might need. That includes food, gifts, decorations, festive personalised Christmas cards, stamps, funds for socialising and various Christmassy events that you might be invited to. 

If you have kids, remember that you need to account for kid-friendly events too like light shows, theatre performances and Santa grottos to get them into the festive spirit. 

Take advantage of sales and discounts

Stay one step ahead by hitting the sales for your Christmas shopping. If you see discounts and offers, even if they are popping up weeks before Christmas, stock up on non-perishable items. You’ll thank yourself when Christmas rolls around!

Black Friday is also around the corner! Make the most of the mega sale on November 25th and see if you can spot the perfect gifts for your loved ones there. 

Decide who you’re inviting

Your guestlist determines a lot of what you’re going to buy. Be it the amount of food you need, the number of gifts or each individual preference that you have to take into account, invite your loved ones in advance so you can start preparations as soon as possible.

Inviting your nearest and dearest early also avoids double bookings and potential family disputes if people only find out about your plans last minute.

Get all your DIY projects out of the way

You don’t want to spend Christmas in a building site, and neither do your guests for that matter. The winter months also make such projects even more gruelling. Get all major renovation projects done before the festive season so you can relax into it all without having to think about where to seat your guests amongst the mess.

Plan the Christmas run-up

The festive season can throw up all kinds of socialising opportunities and festive entertainment. Make sure you book all tickets in advance to avoid disappointment, especially if you’re going with a large party.

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